Saturday, May 18, 2013

Successful Election 2013

Recently, we had a successful national election and politicians that have won the election were so happy since they were elected by the people to govern the position they were running for. Mayors, Congressmen, Governors, and party lists were the position to be filled up by those officials who were newly elected. Another twelve senators were being elected to join from the other 12 senators that are presently still in their position as senators.
Every election, as expected garbage could be found anywhere all over the country. There is plenty of garbage that is left in the streets like tarpaulin, lift lets and streamers from politicians. There’s one city here in the Philippines have waste management department recycled the trampoline and streamers into something useful like wallets, reusable shopping bags, Enviro bags and aprons.

This idea is actually really good rather than throwing that garbage into landfill and instead recycling it to lessen the plastic problem. This will make everyone happy and so with our clean environment.