Monday, May 13, 2013

Sea Turtle

I just couldn’t help myself being amazed at the nature and creatures from God’s beautiful creations. Just this morning I had the chance of traveling by plane from an Island to another. It has never been the usual travel for this time I travel alone during an unpredictable weather. As the plane goes up high, and only the ocean and some lands I saw, I couldn’t imagine how vast is the ocean and how it is made naturally by God.

One creature which is beautifully found in the seabed is the sea turtle. I am really amazed with those creatures for they can live longer than the others. In this manner, sea turtles are the most affected by the water pollution. Improper disposal of rubbish especially the plastic garbage could be the greatest contributor of most turtle’s or any sea creature’s death because of water pollution. Green turtles are also suffering from the garbage gut. The plastic bag has damage and kills so many wildlife and sea creatures every year because of people who doesn’t throw their proper disposal of plastic garbage properly.

In 2007, 3.9 billion plastic has been produced in Australia. It is good to hear that many people have realized and aware of what plastic can do to our environment. We learn to use Enviro bags to reduce usage of plastic bag. If everyone adopts and support this movement plastic garbage will surely be lessened.