Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kadaugan sa Mactan- Mactan Shrine

Just this evening we had a great dinner at Mactan Shrine. Never been to this place during such event. An event called "Kadaugan sa Mactan" or "Victory of Mactan" when Lapu-lapu fought against Spanish colony.  During the whole time of the feast, most of the well-known 5 star hotels and resorts are united to show  off their food at the very low prices for the people to enjoy at  Lapu-lapu Shrine.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Banana Turon

I am fond of eating banana. Everyone in our house loves to eat. Just this afternoon I decided to make something out from our usual snack, the banana. I created something twist from the usual turon we could find any vendor vending banana Q or banana turon in our place.
Banana turon is a banana rolled in brown sugar, wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and fried. This time, my recipe is not the usual thing. I did same procedure of frying the banana turon but I glazed it with some melted butter. Hmmm.... Yummy!!! Very delicious.. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Environmental Responsibility

One of the greatest problems that most countries are having problem with is the garbage. In our country, there are some places which making their garbage more useful and reusable. Officials are making some ordinance to let every household to segregate their garbage. The non-biodegradable garbage is made into bricks or anything they could think for livelihood. Making the garbage into something useful is one way to solve the problem. There are some places also are banning the use of plastic or plastic bags.

Here in our place, garbage is the number one problem we are facing. Our city officials are strict in implementing the proper garbage disposal to help our environment garbage free but there are some individuals that are taking the law for granted. It is hard to live in a place where people do not care about cleanliness even if the government implements strict law. In fairness to those who are diligent with cleanliness the place is beautiful and clean.

It is really hard to impost cleanliness to people who doesn't even care about the environment and in the end everyone will be affected and suffered from what they did. One of the factors that will cause us flooding is the plastic garbage. Plastic are not degradable and will only make the landfill overloaded with plastic rubbish. Some plastic will stick in the drainage and will cause problems with the drainage system.

It has been a while since the media are helping people to educate about the proper disposal of their garbage. There are some cities here that ban plastic bags. From the start of imposing the law, many business establishments were complaining but later realized how they could help our environment. The plastic ban really helps a lot. The usual problem about the garbage is really reduced. People have to use Enviro bags instead. Enviro bags are consisting of reusable bags, calico bags, tote bags, and Eco bags. Helping our environment starts from us. Simple discipline and following the law is a great factor to become a responsible individual even to our environment.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tri-Sikad o Sasakyang di Padyak


One of the main transportation inside our subdivision is tri-sikad or sikad-sikad in our local dialect.  Yesterday my brother decided to rent one for him to drive. He used to do some exercise during the afternoon by simply biking around the subdivision but this time he used the tri-sikad instead. I took some photos while he was driving the tri-sikad.

I was wondering why my brother has lots of passengers. Hehehe… all his playmates even the small one wanted to ride the tri-sikad. Paolo is so friendly that is why he is popular in our neighborhood.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lambay o Swimmer Crabs

One of my favorite days is Sunday. After going to church, I used to prepare any special dish for lunch. Since it is family day and rest day from work, everyone in the family has nothing to do but to spend time in movies, games or any sports in which every one of us could participate. Sometimes we go out for a beach picnic or going to the mall. This is the day in which we could have an ample time to spend with each other.

 This morning I bought some crabs. Lambay or swimmer crabs are the usual crabs we have here in our place. I prepared it with tomato sauce and some chili. A bit of sweetness and hotness makes the viand so delicious. This is another great time for all of us. I love the day. Praise God. Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given to us for the past week.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

College Life

My friend is an engineering student in one of the Universities here in our place. He is a very talented man. He is very good in art, music and some sports. He is very famous in his school because of his achievements and awards doing some arts. His artistic talent is a genetic and really runs from their blood. His father was an architect while his mother was a singer and sketch artist. He is enjoying what he is doing and continues on developing his skills. He became famous when he won in an inter-colleges art competition.

Kim is usually wearing reggae metal attire with hi calico bags on it. He is very fashionable to how he looks every day. Most of our friends admired his hairstyle and get up. During our free time, Kim used to be my buddy and teammate in an online game. Even if he is busy in school, still he manages to play online games together with us during free time. Sometimes we do play some ball games like basketball, soccer or tennis.

Kim is also good at playing guitar with his band mates. He plays the instrument and sings well at the same time. This is one of the reasons why he is famous in the school campus. He is a talented and a good looking man. Many girls like the way he carries himself. Kim used to bring different kinds of his beautiful calico bags. Calico bags are very famous in their school. I really like wearing this kind of bags also because it is light and you can even personalize the design. The only thing that matters of using this bag is that on how you will carry yourself that you are still in line with fashion.


It has been a while since we had a pet fish. I could still remember when my mom bought us some fish in the aquarium. We were 5 in the family and all of us have been given pets to be cared. Every summer, mother bought us piglets to be taking care for  the whole summer time. Mother really thinks something for us to develop our sense of responsibility even if we were still young. It was indeed a good idea that we thought it was just for fun.

 Last month was our younger brother’s birthday. We were thinking of giving him a present of an aquarium with fish. He was so happy to receive it because of the long time of waiting now he finally has it. This is one of the best gifts for kids nowadays instead of any expensive gadgets. The pets could really help the sense of responsibility for the kids. Simple and inexpensive gifts are far more than better rather than the expensive gadgets just for kids.

It is really good to give responsibilities to your kids especially in their early years. The sense of helping, caring and loving pets or to any living creatures should be developed even if they are still young. I love the way our mother has taught us the values of life. Now that our parents are old enough to take care our youngest sibling, I initiated on taking the responsibility even if our parents are still alive. It is really good to share how my parents brought us to become a better individual.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hot Summer

As I woke up this morning I felt the hot wind breeze coming from outside of the house. I never felt too hot during the summer until the moment we moved to an Island. This is our second year of experiencing the ocean breeze during summer but then our bodies could not still adopt it. I feel like I wanted to submerge my body in a tub full of ice. Yes!! Full of ice. Oh well, that is the reality of having a summer season in tropical countries like the Philippines.

 Going to beach or spring is a way to relax and having fun with family is best during this hot season. Last Saturday, we had a nice and relaxing day at the Coral Reef beach resort. The resort was not open to the public and not operational for quite sometime but for us locals we could have the access to go in there to have our beach picnic. It was an awesome day to see a beautiful nature God has created even the day was too hot we could still enjoy the water. The white sand beach was so nice and the water was very cold. I loved that day. I love the places where God created its natural beauty.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Graduation Gift

My niece just graduated with honors this March. She took up Bachelor of Science in nursing education. She is the first one to graduate among the nieces and nephews that is why all of us in the family were very happy for her achievement. It has been 10 years since we visited their place. She was on her elementary years then. She has grown up so fast and we could not imagine that sooner or later she will have her own family.

My husband and I were wondering what to give this time as a present for her graduation. We did not know exactly what she really likes this time but since we come from a travel, we bought her shoes, perfume, make up and her favorite fashionable tote bags. She is really a fashionable grown up but still she likes those pink colors tote bags with printed flowers. For a woman who loves pink color bags, she definitely loves the bag.

During her graduation, her parents prepared a simple get together and a thanksgiving dinner in their house. Everyone in the immediate family and relatives were invited. It was a semi-reunion for us because all of my siblings from abroad also came to attend the occasion. An accomplished that we were all been happy with. A moment where we can also gather together with my family and celebrates the accomplishment achieved.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Lady Finger or Okra Plant

It is a good to eat vegetables. Just this lunch we had a bunch of vegetables for our viand taken from our small garden outside the house. The vegetables are very sweet especially that all are fresh. I like to eat vegetables especially in soup with lady finger or okra and malunggay. The usual soup we make is just plain vegetables without meat or fish. 

I have read some articles about the lady finger or okra. The vegetable alone has much nutritional value that is good to our bodies. Lady finger is rich in folic acid which is good for pregnant women. It has vitamin c and antioxidant that can help asthma. There are many studies about the vegetable but one thing is good about it is the nutritional attributes that is best in our body. The health benefits and the nutrition are what matters the most.