Monday, September 27, 2010

Online World

It is more than a decade since I have first heard about the World Wide Web. There are many ways in which people are now busy getting in with just to make the most of their time while using the internet. Some are doing research, work or joining to any social networking sites just to makes friends or even meet old friends. The most famous online social networking sites are Facebook, friendster and Twitter.

Today, more people are becoming aware of online researching from the latest of news, music, movies, sports, technology and etc. You can have it all online at anytime of your convenience. Some would also prefer to have an internet ready cell phone to make them connected always to internet.

People also learn many things in the online world like web hosting. I have heard that web hosting is easy to manage especially if you want to establish a name online. I really do not have enough idea about how to operate and managed hosting. But some of my friends are been into this business for almost a year now. Many online services have already coming out from web hosting to colocation in which you can find it all online.

Happy Grand Parents Day is your one stop for Myspace Graphics
We Love You

Yesterday, we recognized all grandparents in church. More people have forgotten the importance of their grandparents. We should not forget how important they are because without them our parents will not also exist. Our grandparents has shorter years more to live in this world and sooner they will return to our creator. We must give our best to our grandparents so that they will also feel they are loved.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Great Perks

Working in a big company has lots of perks and bonuses that the employees are truly enjoying with. Companies are making this as part of giving value to their employees or returning what is duly to them. This is one of the reasons why people choose to work in a company that give lots of benefits, perks and bonuses.

One of the most famous companies I have known today is Google Company, which gives great benefits and awesome working environment for the employees to enjoy during their stay of work. Another is Blizzard Corporation in they give great benefits to the employees. It is really my dream to work in one of these awesome companies if I had a chance.

My brother-in-law is lucky enough to work in a big company in United States. As part of the benefits given to a hard working employee, one has given great perks in which he/she has to choose from. One of the perks they usually get is a vacation travel. My brother-in-law is used to play golf with friends during free time. That is why when he was given the chance to travel, he grabbed it immediately, but while he was on a vacation he also make sure to set time to play for golf as well.

His co-worker Mark told him that he should try browsing because he might love Myrtle Beach golf rates or Myrtle Beach golf packages. Mark had tried this package already when he received the same perks from the company. Having great benefits like travel with all expenses paid is a great chance to the hard working employees like my brother-in-law Ben to enjoy and have time to relax with family.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Memories in College life

Have you tried having problems about your lesson during college years? College years are more difficult than high school. A lifetime career needs a wise decision. Now that I am working, I really miss my life during college days. I miss my life when I get pressured studying for exams or doing some projects, assignments and research.

My life at College was not that very satisfactory. If I may be able to go back those old college days, I will make sure to balance everything to make it more enjoyable, pleasant and finer. But there are some events in my life during college that I wish things have done better. One of it was my algebra subject. I really hate numbers especially doing some problem solving.

Math questions and finding prime numbers are the most problem to my part. Those are one that gives me so many headaches that results my laziness in studies. There are things in college that I truly miss a lot, my classmates, friends and best friends. Having great times with friends and even being there with you during hardships left us great memories.

One of my best friends in College was a Mathematician and so he extended his knowledge to us. I took up Biology to get rid Mathematics on my subjects, so I was a bit lucky that I don’t need his Chemistry help and Physics help, unlike with some of my friends did. My college life is not that good enough. I bet it would be better if I have been in a good school during my high school years. Good foundation of school is really important in learning.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Home-made Durian Ice Cream

In some part of the country, the season for Durian fruit has finally started especially Davao City. Anywhere in our town, Durian fruit is being sold at a very cheap price because of its abundance. Yesterday, hubby bought us Durian fruit and some I decided to make an Ice Cream out of the fruit. Here are my durian ice cream pictures taken.

Plain Durian Ice Cream

Durian Ice Cream with Strawberry Syrup

Sunday, September 19, 2010

CHOP SUEY for Sunday's Treat

It is Sunday once again and the usual lunch food treat for the family is being served. I prepared my own recipe for "CHOP SUEY" for our lunch today. It's been a while since I had not prepared Chop Suey for hubby since this is one of his favorite. A simple dish for everybody makes us all stuffed. Praise God!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mango Float

This is the Mango float version of my younger brother. It taste good.

Condense milk
Graham Crackers

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Collector of Valuable Things

Do you have something favorite in which you are fond of collecting with?
This is one of my obsessions now but I make sure not to spend much on it. Since I was 8 years old, I started collecting small antiques, hats, shoes, bags and lately I am collecting gold spot coins. My interest of collecting coins started when my grandmother handed me her antique price of gold coin. I never expect that my grandmother was also a collector of something that I also collected.

When my grandmother handed me her collections, I really appreciate on how she had managed on preserving and keeping those little valuables even though she was too old. She chooses me to have her spot gold coins because she has seen me how I treasured and valued my collections. I am the youngest and grandmother’s girl among the siblings.

My other older sister is also a collector of things made up of gold. When she buys something, she will make sure that everything is made up of gold. Her bags, shoes, belts, hair pins and other accessories must have at least spot of gold o it. When my sister celebrates her 18th birthday, grandmother gave her some of her gold collections of accessories. Since then she never stop collecting things which are made up of gold. Thanks to our grandmother for entrusting us her valuable collections.

Global Financial Crisis

The business world is now starting to recover from financial crisis which all over the world has been struggling with for the past year. People learn to budget its finances in order to survive the crisis. In some ways, people would prefer to have the least expensive in some things they would buy.

Some of our family friends were forced to sell their properties in order to survive financially. It was never been a good year to business world but even though this was actually visible everyone, still people find ways to get this through. Students also have been affected by the crisis because of their parents’ financial instability status and even some have been laid off from work. This is one thing that our government should give their full attention with to come up with a better solution the soonest as possible.

Everyone really took the situation seriously and never tried to waste any of their money. Even some of the medical practitioners were also been affected by this crisis. My friend in L.A., who works as the head nurse, chooses to buy the cheap nursing scrubs and cheap scrub uniform to have lesser expenses. Even some nurses know how to maintain their financial expenses by buying the cheap scrubs uniforms, cheap medical scrubs and cheap dental uniforms.