Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Family Member

After giving birth last Monday October 28, our neighbor has finally home after being discharged from the hospital this morning. All of our close friend neighbors came to their house to see the baby and welcoming the new member of the family as well. I could see many happy faces with the family after waiting for 9 long months.

As one of the closest neighbors of the family, hubby and I were very happy with what the family had had right now.  In fact, I am spending most of my time today at our neighbor’s house to lend them my help especially on taking care of the baby. I help the mother doing her first breast feeding. It has been a pleasure of having them part of our life especially the newly born baby here in our neighborhood.

Last week, we decided to buy something for our neighbor, especially for the baby. We bought lots of baby stuff. We went to the mall without planning on what to buy for the baby. I thought buying for baby’s stuff was easy but it wasn’t especially that you have not seen the baby yet. We then finally come up with buying an infant shoes and a pair of shorts and shirts. The Eco shopping bags filled with our present for the baby has finally handed to them today.

It is a privilege to have another extended family here in our neighborhood. It is important to establish a good relationship to anybody especially in your neighborhood to avoid any conflicts. In times of emergency, your neighbors can easily lend you their help without hesitation because of the friendships that has been established.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cosplay at Ayala Mall Cebu City

Today, hubby and Paolo went to Ayala Mall to witness the fun of Cosplay event. This is the first time they experience watching the cosplay. They only saw such event in the picture posted from our friends. Here are some of the pictures they took.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Special Day

Today I have many things to be thankful for.  In my 35 years of existence on this earth, God blessed me with so many things. I had a family who truly love for being me even from my imperfections in life. My parents, who molded me to be who I am today, as a woman with dignity, loving and a god-fearing person in my family,. I never had regrets in life which I can ask my parent why things had to happen in the wrong way.

Now that I had my own home, I am proud to be who I am today. A wife that is ever supportive to my husband. I am very grateful to God for giving me a loving, understanding and caring husband.

This afternoon, hubby came home with my younger brother bringing shopping bags full of groceries for tonight’s celebration. I never thought of cooking something or preparing food for my own celebration, but he did manage to organize a simple dinner without me doing the cooking for the food on my birthday celebration. A simple act of appreciation by setting up a special dinner for the family is a big thing for me.

I always appreciate my husband for having my part of his life and giving me his unconditional love. Our vows will not remain mere words but will indeed grow and develop into a good relationship as family. This is one thing that I am thankful to God for having us grow together no matter how difficult life will be.

I am glad to receive something added to my collections. I received calico bags which my brother bought me as his present for my birthday.  Simple and inexpensive gift don’t matter to me but it is the thought of heartily given matters the most.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unusual Phenomenon

 image: GMA
I am very happy that once again, our place is coping up and getting better after a strong earthquake destroyed buildings, schools, infrastructures and the most heartbreaking death rate. People nowadays are overcoming self from the trauma experienced. Gradually especially that we can still feel strong aftershocks every now and then. Classes and some establishments declared suspension to avoid fatalities while our place is still not safe from the aftershocks.

One thing that people should do this time is to stay safe and always vigilant to possible earthquake may come at anytime. Prayers are the best help we can all have this time. Drawing strength from each other is very important to overcome the trauma. An unusual phenomenon felt in which lead the people to confusion.  Unexplainable climate and earth’s land situation are no longer normal to the usual situation before.

Climate has changed into something unusual in which people cannot imagine and explain it to happen. Scenarios of tremendous earthquakes, hurricane and floods, famine or la NiƱa is being present anytime all over the globe.  Nobody is exempted to the calamities when it strikes. This will continue or might as well worsen if people will ignore to take actions of helping the environment.

“Is there a way we can help?” I guess this is the question in which we must consider this time. I once asked myself this question, “How can I be a big help and not to be a contributor on the irregularity of the climate or this tragic phenomenon in which we can say in our own simple manner? “.  The activities will start in your own initiative even without letting others know.

Start the actions now before it will be too late. There are some organizations that come up with planting of trees. As an individual action, you can stop using sprayers that are not environmental friendly, stop using plastic bags or anything which are not biodegradable products. It has been a while since I had started using Enviro bags. A simple way I can use bags that are environmentally friendly.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prayers For The Earthquake Victims


Yesterday I received a call from a friend, who uses to have an organization. Her team comes up with gathering donations from friends to aid Bohol earthquake victims. Transportation going there is difficult especially some roads and bridge are not passable up to this time.  I love to go with them but I am not available today due to my work.

It has been 5 days that had passed since the tragic earthquake came. Hundreds of people died and some are still missing. Volunteers that are part of the retrieval team are still hopeful to those who are still buried will be found alive. Watching to news, very heartbreaking stories were being told on how they escape from death. At the young age, children experienced traumatic experience. Until now we can still feel mild to strong aftershocks every now and then.

A way of sharing my love is to give something to share to the victims. Simple and even not expensive things that comes from you is I think another way of making them smiles.  Despite of the trauma, sharing financial assistance for food and some of my calico bags full of use clothing and
toiletries, can somehow help in a way.

I could not bring or hand it over my donations to the earthquake victims; I appreciate those people who spare their time to bring all donations they had gathered to the earthquake victims even if they do not have friends and relatives in the place. Donating something that you think that are possible needed to the earthquake victims is very much important. And of course prayer is  very much important you can share this time as well.

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Huge Damage Of An Earthquake

I never thought of a huge devastation which stroke to us last Tuesday morning. Intensity 7.2 earthquakes had left us many fatalities. Many had lost their houses; some had partial to total damage to some of our infrastructure especially the old historic churches, buildings, schools had been destroyed as well. It really breaks my heart when we saw in the news how vast were the result of the quake.

Until now, we can still feel high intensity of aftershocks every now and then. The earth shakes really traumatized us and even had sleepless nights after ten. This is the first time that our place had experienced such high intensity earthquake. The vast damage of infrastructure can be replaced and fixed but the lives that had lost during the earthquake are gone forever.

Despite the fact that the earthquake left us so much in pain and even lost lives, houses and infrastructures.  Still the Filipinos stood up and held hands up together to help each other. I just saw on the news tonight that many organizations and government officials volunteered on giving goods in the affected area in Bohol. Rice, can goods, noodles, water and ready to eat food are the most important people need this time.  Some are giving tote bags that have clothes, blanket, and some personal needs.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Early Christmas Sale

Yesterday, hubby and I went to the mall to buy something for our food. We had to come up with buying something for our Christmas tree first. It was indeed a time of shopping unplanned. I am very particular when buying something unnecessary. As we looked around, I could see lots of beautiful items for Christmas gifts, decors and souvenirs. I said to myself, " I think I need to excuse myself this time, I can buy things which I like for all of us".

 I could not resist myself seeing many shoppers taking the advantage of the mall’s early holiday sale.  The holiday season is fast approaching. I could feel it anywhere around. Filipinos really celebrate Christmas in the longest period of time. I am amazed at how people really give value about the essence of the celebration.

It is nice to buy for your family when there is the biggest sale in the mall. I bought my hubby nice walking shorts which have a big discount. I bought myself a nice blouse, cosmetics and 3 nice calico bags which I can use daily.  I took the advantage of mall sales to buy those beautiful calico bags.  Another set of bags for my bag collections.

Sharing Compassion and Love

In most Asian countries, many are not given the privilege sending off their kids to school because of poverty. There are some can afford and even send their children to expensive schools. Education is very essential to attain success in life that a person dreamed of. In some cases, there are parents that really work hard just to send children to school despite the poverty issue. Uniforms and school supplies are sometimes later their big problem on where to get money to buy for the school needs.

There are some institutions or organizations that gather school donations specifically school supplies and bags. After gathering donations, the organizations will bring the supplies to the less fortunate students that are willing to go to school but cannot afford to buy their school supplies and bags. I remembered last summer, I had seen in a certain TV show gathered school supplies to distribute in many places which has a high rate of poverty.

Eco friendly Enviro bags are being used for the distribution of the school supplies and school bag. In this manner, parents can also reuse the Enviro bags as well. It has shown a good example to their viewers the importance of showing compassion to those who are less fortunate.  It is another way of the TV program to show how they appreciated their viewers by giving compassion to the less fortunate children. Sharing love and compassion is a way of showing how thankful you are for your life.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Gift For A Little Girl

Every afternoon, kids are playing at the park across the house. I love to see many kids enjoying around playing with their friends in the park. It is nice to belong in a friendly and nice neighborhood. I love the way how the kids trained to get along with other kids to play.

Our neighbor has a little girl who loves to wear pink clothes.   My hubby and I are planning to buy her a pink fashionable calico bag, doll and some cute accessories.  Jhandee is so sweet and cute. She uses to play with her dolly with pink dresses and the dollhouse is pink also.  Buying her with nice calico bags makes her more fashionable always.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Compassionate Heart

I feel pity to those homeless people I saw living anywhere along the road without food and shelter. This is one thing that really breaks my heart.  I could feel deep inside my heart the hardship they had been through, especially during rainy days. I never thought living a life of being homeless. It is really important to have a shelter and livelihood for a living. This is why people are striving harder to earn for a living to sustain their daily needs.

Just this morning as we went to the market to buy for our food, we saw some homeless people who stayed outside the gate of a church begging and waiting for alms.  Some of those homeless people are coming from mountainous places or from a tribe and decided to move into a city hoping for a much better living. We cannot blame them for their ignorance which led them without a home and livelihood. Never thought of these possibilities in which they may encounter in the busy cities.

Some NGO’s summed up with relocating them and teaching them for some livelihood. I spoken to one person from the NGO, they had started this project almost a year ago. The project started by just giving the homeless people with tote bags full of clothes, canned food and etc.  This is not an easy commitment if you do not have the compassion and heart to help those native people especially when are dealing with uneducated people. Patience, love and compassion are the keys for the project to push through.