Friday, May 24, 2013

Clean Environment

Recently, we have a problem recently about our garbage system here in our subdivision. Recently, garbage collectors were not up to date to their schedule when in terms of garbage collection. Garbage stocked up in our garbage bin outside the house and so with our neighbors for how many days already. In this situation, we are suffering from the bad smell and many flies all over.

Our neighbors were already complaining to the subdivision’s developer about the garbage problem and still they were looking for the solution who will take over the collections. One thing the developer had found out about why it causes the garbage collector delayed and even reached up to no collection was because some homeowners have failed to pay for the monthly fees.


Every home owner is now affected to the garbage problem. The problem is now getting bigger and worse. Anywhere you go bad smell is all over the place. We are partly to be blamed for the situation. Besides, this garbage comes from the individual houses. We need to clean up and must be responsible for what we are doing. We need to have clean and dispose garbage properly.

The home owner’s association held a meeting and has taken up that every household should have their own garbage bin so that flies and other domesticated pets like dogs and cats would not be able to open garbage. We also decided to buy Enviro bags to reduce plastic garbage problem. Plastic has been a big problem around the world and many countries had already passed a law of banning plastic.