Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crowd Control

Have you been to any big events like concert, wedding, festival, fair and etc? Have you tried experiencing discomforts and fear of people might bump your ‘privates’ especially the girls in a crowd? Is the event organizer put something like barricades, stanchions and velvet ropes to have a full crowd control during the event? Those are some questions we might think when we are in a big crowd for an event.
For these past two weeks, hubby and I were busy attending many events for the upcoming Annual City Festival in our town. One of the events we attended was the Rock The Vote 2009, in which three of the country’s famous rock bands performed a mini-concert. And some of the respected politicians were also here in the said event to support the advocacy of the event and that is to encourage the new voters and non-voters to register to vote for the next year’s election. As we arrived at the venue, organizers put barricades to separate and secure the politicians, audience, press and VIP. The event turned out well-organized and successful with the help of barricades for the safety and privacy of the VIP in a crowd during the concert.
Other event we’ve been through was the Kumbira 2009 of Hotel and Restaurants Organization, the concept of the said event was the battle of chefs from different schools, hotels and restaurants by showing off their signature dishes for competition. All presenters displayed their cuisine presentation in an area provided in were the judges could make their evaluation. The organizers provided stanchions and velvet rope protect the food from being touched by the audience during the viewing time. In this event, massive of students and professionals in the city joined in this big event to show how competent they were in the culinary field. And again this event was successful enough.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miss Kagay-an 2009 - Events

The Crowned Candidates
Evening Long-gown Presentation
One of the Judges
Cory Quirino and Maricel Laxa-PangilinanQuestion and Answer portion
Casual Dress and giving of special prices
Swimsuit Attire
Introduction of Candidates

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Search for Miss Kagay-an 2009 Winners

Miss Kagay-an 2009 - Leira Monique Pabito
1st runner up - Lilyka Vic Alceta
2nd runner up - Chiery Charmane Ladera
3rd runner up - Emily Frances Rafols
4th runner up - Amalia Margarita Misa

1. Chiery Charmane Ladera
2. Rhoda Zaportiza
3. Mayer Lou Dacoc
4. Mary Koren Witting
5. Kelly Nool
6. Amalia Margarita Misa
7. Ma. Jessica Nozue
8. Naome Grace Allder
9. Emily Frances Rafols
10. Nicole Charmaine Salise
11. Diana Ugbinada
12. Aiza Fabro
13. Cyrell Claire Dela Pena
14. Leira Monique Pabito
15. Lilyka Vic Alceta

Gardens of Malasag Eco-tourism Village

For more than ten years since the last time I visited Malasag Eco-tourism Village. We used to go there with friends during weekends to enjoy the natural fresh air. Gardens of Malasag is situated in Sitio Malasag, Cugman and around 10-15 minutes drive from the heart of the City Cagayan de Oro.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mandarin Restaurant

It's a long day for me today and never thought i felt a bit weak, tired and hungry, so i decided to treat hubby from my first salary received. Wow, never realize that we ain't dated for so a bit longer now. Hahaha..Oh my the longer it was the more food we ordered and eaten. huh!!!..These are some of our favorite food we ordered tonight.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kumbira 2009 - Flairtending showdown of the Champions

1st performer is Klint Phili Busico - Tanduay Flair Icon Challenge (Manila Champion 2008)

2nd performer is Maynard Silfavan - GSM Flair Idol (2nd Runner UP in Davao 2009 )

Web Hosting Geeks

Have you heard about website hosting, internet, blog or web sites? Those words are one of the famous trends from young generation to mature ones and have become part of their lives. Nowadays, one the most important to net generation is having an access about the latest news, business, technology, sports, fashion, travel and etc all over the world. In business world, having a webpage or site is one of the most beneficial to become more visible and accessible to their clients by putting the important information to their sites. In your personal outlook before creating a webpage, have you tried asking yourself about having the right web hosting sites you are going to choose? What are the benefits you could get from it? Is it a user friendly web hosting site? Does it guide the users well? Does this host provide the latest updates and news? What is the credibility of the host? Those are some of the possible questions most people would probably ask before buying a domain.
As when I bump in to this web hosting sites named JustHost.Com and I found out that it’s rank 2nd to all webs hosting provider and received lots of awards like:

• Best Budget Web Hosting
• Best Blog Web Hosting
• Best Forum Web Hosting
• Best Email Web Hosting
• Best Multiple Domain Web Hosting
• Best Ecommerce Web Hosting
• Best Unix Web Hosting
• Best Windows Web Hosting
• Best PHP Web Hosting
• Best Reseller Web Hosting
• Best VPS Web Hosting
• Best Dedicated Web Hosting

It also has a blog site that provides guide, ideas and hint to its users on how to become effective on the world of net.
In today’s competitive world it is preferable to think more wisely of choosing the right and reliable web hosting site before buying one. It makes a great deal of sense to buy the best web hosts especially in businesses in order to get the best quality of service most domain users are looking for.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kumbira 2009 3rd Day - Flairtending Professional Category

Kumbira 2009 3rd Day- Culinary Event

Culinary War Event

A Night of Heavy Rain

Tonight as we go home from KUMBIRA event, we never expect of heavy rain outside the Mall which causes brown out and flood to some places along our way home. Nowadays, some places in Luzon and Visayas had experienced huge floods and landslides due to heavy storm. We are so bless of a small flood encountered during the season since early this year when we had experienced tremendous floods.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kumbira 2009 2nd Day Event

Flairtending Competition - Hosted by the PBL -NM Chapter

Flairtending Students Category
Judges with PBL Chairman Reynato Sumania

Kumbira 2009 at Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro City