Monday, May 27, 2013

A Beautiful Dinner

For the past days hubby and I were busy from work. It is been a while since I prepared something for our dinner. I am thinking of rewarding ourselves from having a stressful week. We watch movies and preparing pasta and salad for dinner. A great movie and seeing my family with a happy smile thanking you for having a great dinner is very rewarding to me. I praise God for my family and for the blessings.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Loving The Environment

Recently, we can observe some irregularities up to unpredictable changes when it terms of climate. During summer time we sometimes experienced flooding due to heavy rains. There are some phenomenal occurrences in which people are not expecting the situation could just happen at any time even out of season. There are lots of factors in which we can consider as one contributor in destroying our environment, like cutting of trees, smoke coming from vehicles and factories; and the major is the improper throwing of garbage.

There are still many factors we can consider as environmental destroyer but those factors are just coming in which basically everybody identifies it as major destroyer. Even if the occurrence of those pollutants could not be avoided, everyone must be also responsible for the awareness of how it could be avoided or lessen. Those are gradually destroying our environment.

Everyone is affected by the climate change. The sun is no longer friendly to human skin because of our ozone layer is getting thinner. People get easily sunburn due to the extreme heat that is coming from the sun unlike before we could still out up to 10 in the morning without getting burned. Just last month I went out to cut the grass from my garden and I did only stay up to 8 in the morning. I could not take the extreme heat from the sun. Life in 20 years ago was no longer the same anymore. Staying outside under the sun is no longer tolerable and no longer healthy to human.

One thing I could say about this matter, everyone must be responsible for saving the environment. There are some private agencies that advocate of living green. They educate people to live in the right manner and avoid anything that could destroy the environment. Urging people to be more responsible and planting trees or any way that the agency could share to educate everybody to minimize the global problem of destroying the environment.

Garbage is really one big issue which many countries nowadays are finding remedies to solve the problem. Some urges people to use reusable bags, green bag and Eco friendly bags to contribute an Eco friendly environment. Media is now helping to educate about the environmental destroyer and I am hopeful that everyone must be more responsible this time to help loving our environment.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Out To Unwind

 We have lately been keeping up with our project given by our client. We had only a day off and that was yesterday. The whole day we had the time to relax and leave the stress from work at home. We went to the shopping mall to window shop and stroll around. Going out with family doesn’t mean that it is expensive. You need not to spend big amount of money just to enjoy. You have everything you wanted to do even in a shopping mall without spending much.


This is what we did yesterday. We ate at the Jolibee food chain and we ordered spaghetti, fries, and jolly hotdog. We ordered food just enough to fill up our hunger. After eating our snack, we went to arcade to play and have fun playing with my wife’s younger. We played and enjoyed the time together without thinking problems or our work. We tried playing time crisis, basketball; kill the zombie, and catching some stuff toys.

Later then we stroll around to buy some stuff for my computer. We were walking around the mall until we reach the ladies’ section to fit some clothes and shoes for my wife. After an hour of walking we went to the grocery store to buy some food and grocery. It is really hard to go home carrying many shopping bags even though the mall offers push cart to bring our groceries.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rainy Season

It has been experienced in the whole country the rainy days lately. Many are wondering why heavy rain and thunderstorm is being experienced all over the country yet the rainy season had not started yet. Is this due to global warming? People are questioning about the irregularity of the weather which is not normal. The weather bureau had never seen any typhoon that is coming to the country and their forecast about the rainy season has not started yet until June this year.

I have taken some of the photos outside the house.


Clean Environment

Recently, we have a problem recently about our garbage system here in our subdivision. Recently, garbage collectors were not up to date to their schedule when in terms of garbage collection. Garbage stocked up in our garbage bin outside the house and so with our neighbors for how many days already. In this situation, we are suffering from the bad smell and many flies all over.

Our neighbors were already complaining to the subdivision’s developer about the garbage problem and still they were looking for the solution who will take over the collections. One thing the developer had found out about why it causes the garbage collector delayed and even reached up to no collection was because some homeowners have failed to pay for the monthly fees.


Every home owner is now affected to the garbage problem. The problem is now getting bigger and worse. Anywhere you go bad smell is all over the place. We are partly to be blamed for the situation. Besides, this garbage comes from the individual houses. We need to clean up and must be responsible for what we are doing. We need to have clean and dispose garbage properly.

The home owner’s association held a meeting and has taken up that every household should have their own garbage bin so that flies and other domesticated pets like dogs and cats would not be able to open garbage. We also decided to buy Enviro bags to reduce plastic garbage problem. Plastic has been a big problem around the world and many countries had already passed a law of banning plastic.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family Gatherings

My cousin has been living in the USA for more than 2 decades now and throughout those years she had not tried visiting Philippines again until early this year. Her thinking was to work and save for the family’s future while living in a foreign country. Living in the USA is very competitive and expensive if you are not striving hard. Everything is expensive that is why she and her husband has to work double time.

Early this year she and her family had the chance to visit the Philippines again. It was nice seeing her family again. We were having a reunion together with our relatives in a nice beach resort here in our place. I am her closest among the cousins. We exchange mails and calls ones in a while she was in the USA. She bought us chocolates, dresses, shoes and some cosmetics placed inside the nice tote bags. Giving us presents from the USA were great but her presence was the most among those material things which she gave to us.

Before they arrived here, I set everything up for the reunion. It was a short notice to others but they attended. I am the one who organizing the venue and food for the reunion. It was not that easy to make it realize especially that all of us are working and some were busy in school. I assigned one of my cousins to organize for the programs.

It was the most memorable part especially that our old folks will surely not live longer. It may not be the same reunion next time but truly we were glad to have it the most memorable event ever. I had to do my best planning for the program to make the event the most awaiting for all of us. The family’s reunion was very successful and memorable.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BPO Company

One of the best experiences I ever had is to be able to work in a BPO Company. It was never been my dream to work in a job which is not related to my course but  now I am making money more than I expected. It is a great thing to work in a big company. My expectation was never been this big but great opportunities come ones so I did grab the opportunity.

Our office found in the IT park building 17th floor. Fully air-conditioned and fully carpeted office. I feel so relax even if I am bombarded with many projects. With the kind of working place, the feeling is like I am still at home. Every room has six to seven capacities of desktop computers. The room is not congested with many employees in order to have a healthy working area. The company is composed of many departments like CSS, Java, PHP and my department Online Marketing. We are all classified according to departments in order to avoid unattended projects.

I am very happy to have the job a month before the company celebrates their annual anniversary. I never thought of having special events during that day. Everyone is busy for their departmental presentation. The HR department is also busy preparing for the programs, games and give away to be given to employees. They also arranged the place for the venue of the said event.

The corporate gifts, goodies and some special awards are to be given to employees as well. This is a big event in which the company should also spend a lot. In such a way that the company will be giving lots of big surprises in order to thank the employees for giving their loyalty and best at their work. There are some promotional products of the company is to be given to the employees such as customized jackets, T-shirts, bags, caps, fan and mugs. This is what I like the most when working in a company such as I had is the close relationship with each other, happy working environment and good benefits.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Successful Election 2013

Recently, we had a successful national election and politicians that have won the election were so happy since they were elected by the people to govern the position they were running for. Mayors, Congressmen, Governors, and party lists were the position to be filled up by those officials who were newly elected. Another twelve senators were being elected to join from the other 12 senators that are presently still in their position as senators.
Every election, as expected garbage could be found anywhere all over the country. There is plenty of garbage that is left in the streets like tarpaulin, lift lets and streamers from politicians. There’s one city here in the Philippines have waste management department recycled the trampoline and streamers into something useful like wallets, reusable shopping bags, Enviro bags and aprons.

This idea is actually really good rather than throwing that garbage into landfill and instead recycling it to lessen the plastic problem. This will make everyone happy and so with our clean environment.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Human Responsibility

There are many places all over the world are now in particular to garbage segregation. Segregation of rubbish is one of the best solutions to solve possible environmental problems. I have known one city which is in particular to garbage segregation and that is Cebu City, Philippines. In this manner, people were advised to segregate garbage properly and to educate them to be responsible for their garbage to avoid destroying our environment.

There were many reactions that came out from the community at first but they have nothing to do to change the ordinance especially that this change was in good purpose. In some middle class places, many are murmuring for the garbage segregation for they think of additional work for them. Some are thinking about the importance of segregating their garbage to make it more useful instead. The only thing people can make garbage more useful is to separate plastics, papers, biodegradable and the non-biodegradable.

I am wondering why some people have been in trouble segregating garbage. It is probably because they don’t like storing garbage inside the house or probably lack of artistic ability to recycle rubbish. On my part, it is our responsibility to dispose garbage properly especially now that the world encounters some critical problem with plastic garbage and the usual cause of floods in the Philippines.

In this manner, some city in the Philippines has to ban the use of plastic bags or any plastic base product and use paper bag, reusable bag and Enviro bags instead. At first few months’ malls, factories, establishments or markets find adjusting on implementing the law. This law is really a big help to the people and so to our environment.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sea Turtle

I just couldn’t help myself being amazed at the nature and creatures from God’s beautiful creations. Just this morning I had the chance of traveling by plane from an Island to another. It has never been the usual travel for this time I travel alone during an unpredictable weather. As the plane goes up high, and only the ocean and some lands I saw, I couldn’t imagine how vast is the ocean and how it is made naturally by God.

One creature which is beautifully found in the seabed is the sea turtle. I am really amazed with those creatures for they can live longer than the others. In this manner, sea turtles are the most affected by the water pollution. Improper disposal of rubbish especially the plastic garbage could be the greatest contributor of most turtle’s or any sea creature’s death because of water pollution. Green turtles are also suffering from the garbage gut. The plastic bag has damage and kills so many wildlife and sea creatures every year because of people who doesn’t throw their proper disposal of plastic garbage properly.

In 2007, 3.9 billion plastic has been produced in Australia. It is good to hear that many people have realized and aware of what plastic can do to our environment. We learn to use Enviro bags to reduce usage of plastic bag. If everyone adopts and support this movement plastic garbage will surely be lessened.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night

The week is about to end and the common thing that comes out of the mouth would be the unsung phrase: “Thank God, It’s Friday!” or TGIF, for short. The word "Friday" is comparable with the word "weekend," and "weekend" is with the word "party," by people who worked hard and long for a break. Therefore, a great way to celebrate all the work done in the week is a Friday night party.

Just like any other event, a party needs to be planned. Whether the party is decided on a whim, the host must have an itinerary on how the party will go. The food, the drinks, the music and even the duration of time are the prior things that should be thought of before the event.

The party will be fun whilst it last. The intoxicating beat of the music, full belly from the food served and the hype from the booze are the contributing factors of “fun.” And when the booze gets to the head and loose the guard a sober mind would build – in the state of inebriation – infinite crazy ideas will come rushing for the “pursuit of happiness” that the night can offer. Though the consequence to face in this pursuit would that a big of rubbish. It could be a great of a mess. This would need to be clean and would weigh tons. A bin hire Melbourne should be contacted in the help to clean the rubbish. This is always the consequence in the morning after in every party but it would be a small obligation compare to the happiness felt the night before.

Really, unexpected things will happen on a Friday night. Whether attending a party or just staying at home, everyone deserves to have fun in their own respective way.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bucket List

“Bucket list” is a list of all the things you want to do or achieve in this life before you die. Every human should have one. It is motivational, really. It will help you do the best in your work to get a better pay and have more budget to complete the list, or you could have the cliché, “live the most of your life,” as the reason. Whatever is the reason, everyone should have one.

The list could be as long, and as crazy and as random as one would like it to be. It is your own list, after all. It can be everything your heart desires; doing what you love, seeing the places you’ve always dreamed to be or eating the most exotic dishes.

I, too, have a bucket list for myself. This list has three parts: places I want to go, crazy things I want to do, and dreams I really need to fulfill. My priority of these is the “dream.” Travel and adventures can wait, right? Still, I want to do all the things in my list.

In the “dreams I really need to fulfill,” building two houses is included; one for myself and one for my parents. The first I want to build would be my parents’. This house would not be big, just the right size that would be suitable to my parents’ reference. They don’t like massive houses, tough to clean they say. A small house they want but it should be filled the right amount of furniture they would need. I want to be the interior designer of this house myself. There would be a functional kitchen, everyone needs a functional kitchen or else what is its purpose? Serious now, I want them to have a cute little living room, but big enough to hold family gathering or even just lounging. There should be at least two bedrooms; the master’s bedroom should have a walk-in closet installed and their own bath. I would also want to insert a humble entertainment room for them. A good television set with equally good sound system. They could also have a patio blinds with sturdy outdoor furniture where they can relax and appreciate the garden they would have. I would give them a small, cozy home first, mine could wait.

In terms of traveling, this list could go on forever. I want to travel the world, visit exotic cities and learn new culture. The priority in this list is European tour. I want to visit France’s Paris, Monte Carlo and Cannes cities, Rome’s coliseum, Italy’s Pisa, Germany’s Berlin wall, Switzerland’s Alps, Spain’s Madrid, United Kingdom’s Stonehenge. There are more places in Europe I want to go but these are the must. The next continent I would visit would be Asia though this can go for a long run since the continent is quite big. And then I would go to Africa, then Australia, then South America, and then North America. If I can, I even want to go to the Antarctica!

The “crazy things” would be the adventure I’ll do in my travels; bungee jumping, air diving, cliff climbing, rappelling, and all those crazy adventures. As the saying goes: “you only live once” so we must do everything that makes us happy and fulfilled. We only got one shot in life to do all of it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Plan for Mother's Day

Our mother has always been there all  our life; from listening to our dreams to supporting us when we chase them. Every day is our chance to thank her for the time she spent for the past years in molding us to who we are now, but a day is especially marked in the calendar just for her – Mother’s Day.

 It is a day to celebrate to thank our Moms all over the world, which is about enough. Since it is her special day, a celebration for her patience, kindness and never-ending effort in looking after us, planning should really take in order, as this said day is fast-approaching.

The best idea to enjoy this lovely day is a family bonding. My wife and I could take Mama somewhere nice and relaxing. We could take her to a spa and let her be pampered; she would love that as much as she deserves it. After, we could go somewhere nice to eat to end the day. We could also take her to a park and have a picnic. She would love the fresh air.

 The next agendum of the plan is to get the perfect gift. I took out a pen and a paper to list down her favorite things to do so I could get an idea to what would I give to her. Shopping is one thing in the list and my wife suggested that we could get her one of those trendy tote bags. The latter is a craze right now, with the convenience it gives when shopping, I am sure that Mama will love it. The bonus of these tote bags is that it is environment friendly; the materials are used and refined organics. That’s a win-win between giving my mother the perfect gift and saving the environment.

 With this plan, I wish that mother’s day will be a perfect day for Mama.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lifestyle Of A Stewardess

I am really admiring those women walking along the hallway in the airport wearing a nice and decent uniform bringing along with them their suitcases. Those in uniform women I am referring with are the stewardess. I really admire the way will they handle their selves in front of many people and carries themselves to be more respectable flight attendant. I couldn’t imagine how their work are more interesting for they will have the chance to travel in many places and encounter many people in different cultures every day.

I had a cousin who uses to work in an international airline for more than a decade now. She shared her experiences before that really catches my interest to be like her when I grew up. It was the moment that I dreamed to grow up fast and work as does someday. She was really enjoying her work so much. What I love the most about being a stewardess is the privilege to travel around the world especially when working in an international airline.

Aside from traveling to many places, stewardess can also receive great benefits with a high salary as well. My cousin Jen usually do some shopping to bring along with her from the place she has been to. She really enjoys the life of being a stewardess. There was one time in an international flight; she had to stay for more than twelve hours in a certain place before her next scheduled flight. It was the moment that she has an ample time to go out for shopping and strolling around the place.

 There was a nice shopping mall she found in the place. In that shopping mall, they were promoting to use any Eco friendly products and Eco friendly shopping bags or paper bags. As much as possible using any plastic base products or bags is being discouraged because of what effects it will bring into our environment. It was her great privileged to be in the place in where she was being dreamt of since she was still young.

She has also a privilege of free plane tickets every month and for her family to enjoy with. She had been able to go anywhere in Asia, Europe and United States. The usual thing she does in her destination place is exploring the food, place and does the usual shopping. She bought us something or some delicacies that are really famous in the place. This is one of the reasons why I really love to be like her as a stewardess. This kind of job she has right now is very exciting and interesting.