Monday, May 6, 2013

A Plan for Mother's Day

Our mother has always been there all  our life; from listening to our dreams to supporting us when we chase them. Every day is our chance to thank her for the time she spent for the past years in molding us to who we are now, but a day is especially marked in the calendar just for her – Mother’s Day.

 It is a day to celebrate to thank our Moms all over the world, which is about enough. Since it is her special day, a celebration for her patience, kindness and never-ending effort in looking after us, planning should really take in order, as this said day is fast-approaching.

The best idea to enjoy this lovely day is a family bonding. My wife and I could take Mama somewhere nice and relaxing. We could take her to a spa and let her be pampered; she would love that as much as she deserves it. After, we could go somewhere nice to eat to end the day. We could also take her to a park and have a picnic. She would love the fresh air.

 The next agendum of the plan is to get the perfect gift. I took out a pen and a paper to list down her favorite things to do so I could get an idea to what would I give to her. Shopping is one thing in the list and my wife suggested that we could get her one of those trendy tote bags. The latter is a craze right now, with the convenience it gives when shopping, I am sure that Mama will love it. The bonus of these tote bags is that it is environment friendly; the materials are used and refined organics. That’s a win-win between giving my mother the perfect gift and saving the environment.

 With this plan, I wish that mother’s day will be a perfect day for Mama.