Saturday, May 25, 2013

Out To Unwind

 We have lately been keeping up with our project given by our client. We had only a day off and that was yesterday. The whole day we had the time to relax and leave the stress from work at home. We went to the shopping mall to window shop and stroll around. Going out with family doesn’t mean that it is expensive. You need not to spend big amount of money just to enjoy. You have everything you wanted to do even in a shopping mall without spending much.


This is what we did yesterday. We ate at the Jolibee food chain and we ordered spaghetti, fries, and jolly hotdog. We ordered food just enough to fill up our hunger. After eating our snack, we went to arcade to play and have fun playing with my wife’s younger. We played and enjoyed the time together without thinking problems or our work. We tried playing time crisis, basketball; kill the zombie, and catching some stuff toys.

Later then we stroll around to buy some stuff for my computer. We were walking around the mall until we reach the ladies’ section to fit some clothes and shoes for my wife. After an hour of walking we went to the grocery store to buy some food and grocery. It is really hard to go home carrying many shopping bags even though the mall offers push cart to bring our groceries.