Monday, June 28, 2010

First day of School

The long summer vacation has finally over and students are starting to get busy for school. Some are still having the vacation hang over but some are excited to go to school once again.

Taken on the first day of his school with his lunch box.

My younger brother, who used to play and hang around with playmates during vacation, is very excited to go back to school once again on the first day of classes. He tries to sleep early but later he told me that he could hardly sleep because of too much excitement. This is very common to students who like what they are doing. Going to school is not a burden or just a mare routine activity but has to do more than material things that a person possesses. Education is the only thing that no one could take out from you. This is the very important treasure that most parents could hand down to their children.

I have taken some pictures of my baby brother inside their classroom.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Setting the Priorities

My brother Paolo has been addicted to online computer games for more than 2 years. And this year’s grading period, he got the lowest grades ever for his entire life in school. My parents were very disappointed on his performance because all of his major subjects like Math, Science, English and Civics have just got the lowest grades ever. Due to the successive of playing computer games, he never realized that he misses some of his important priorities on his life-like his studies. He even forgot to ask any help from us regarding his academic problems.

Just recently, my mom decided to hire someone who could tutor him and help him give the Math answers for his math related problems. He really needs somebody who could help him coup up with the lessons he misses for the past months. Mother tries to help and give the best in order for him to pass the subjects to continue college. Giving the best precalculus help is what mother thinks he might also need during this period.

My nephew, who is in college, had the same problem with my brother also. He just recently found out that he has started to become addicted with computer games. Mother told him to set his priorities first. Mother then recommends Jez to find someone who could help him on his academic concerns especially the College algebra problems. I am sure that he will be needing calculus help on his third year in college.

There are many things in which most students are having a hard time dealing with. There are possible obstacles in which they must overcome. The only thing that differs here is that how the person deals with the obstacles and setting the priorities in life in order to achieve the success of their desires.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Computer Games Addiction

Nowadays, playing online games, computer games, play station, PSP and etc. are becoming the most favorite hobby to most children in today’s generation. I have seen the bad effects of these games to kids and even to teenagers when they got addicted to pc games. The bad influence of these games sometimes leads them to stop studying and some got the lowest grades to all their subjects. Kids nowadays would prefer to play pc games rather than sports.

My younger brother is one of those kids who are addicted to games. For how many years he was never get rid the bad habit on giving more time playing rather than studying. This year, we let him choose for what he should see the best for him. And he said, he rather chooses studying and sports.

On my opinion, playing pc games are not bad. The only thing that makes it bad is that, when a person plays too much and forgets what the priorities in their lives are, this makes a person becomes stagnant and not progressive in life.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Independence Day Philippines

Happy 112th years anniversary Philippines!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Keeping on Guard

School days are fast approaching. I can now smell the fragrance of the ink of my pen on the notebook. I am having a vacation hang-over since I had a great summer experience this year. It just that great experience happens in unexpected situations. Our house had been ransacked while we are on our way to the beach. Lockers are supposedly to tighten the security of our house but that did not just worked. Worst than ever they jammed especially the wood lockers, forcing us to break our cabinets to see if some of our jewelries were saved. Fortunately, some of the jewelries where is there. It was just funny because they did not manage to unlock the wood lockers forcing them to just jam it off. Those thieves are unconscious that there are lockers for sale that are as durable as we have. Good thing they didn’t took much from our house.

Going back to the school thing, I am now more vigilant to thieves; first part of my preparation is to secure a school locker. This would be one step of keeping my things safe while busy on academic field. Since I still have a Physical Education subject, I also secured my own trusted gym locker to assure that the locker will not be as lousy as security would be. Even in my car I produce a specially made alarm expecting that the feeling of being robbed will not happen to me in jeopardy. My best part of duty will be on guard while I am in school this school year. It will be one busy, vigilant year.