Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Shopping With Family

A friend of mine is an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) for 2 years in Singapore. She arrived early this month to visit her family for 2 weeks. She sacrificed so much for her family. She is the oldest among the siblings. She took the responsibilities of becoming the bread winner since her father got sick after her mother’s death. She let her other siblings finished College. Working as an OFW for 6 years is a big sacrifice on her part but she did the right thing to give her family good lives.

Overseas contract workers are sacrificing a lot just to work hard in abroad, to give their family a life that they could never have just worked here in our place. When OFW is coming home, they usually bring many gifts (pasalubong) for their family. There are some who would prefer to buy gifts for their love ones to the mall near their place. Many are saving money abroad for their family to have a shopping spree. This is another time to make their family happy when bringing plenty of shopping bags as gifts. This is what my friend felt when she visited her family. A way of thanksgiving or 2 of her siblings graduated just this march.

Mall Give Away

Just this weekend we had a great family bonding. This is the day to get along with each other during our family’s day out. This is the only time we have after the busy week of work and in school. We spent much time to relax and unwind during the weekend. This is the usual activity we have since everyone is busy from our individual responsibility. My brother is busy with school since he has lots of homeworks and projects every day while we also busy in our work as well.

So hubby and I find time to spend just to go out from our usual place and have fun. Eating is the usual activity and going to the grocery to buy some groceries. The last time we went to the other Mall to buy some groceries and received a gift for achieving the certain amount. We received some beautiful red tote bags with mall’s name on printed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Community Event

One of the best ways to promote a company name is by sponsoring a community event.  In this manner, the company will be advertised and remembered by the community through the good endeavor for having such an event for a cause.  There are many ways to advertise a company but with this kind of strategy, you are bridging the gap between the company and the consumers.

It is a great privilege to help a community by sponsoring some local government organization on a sponsorship system, such as construction of schools, donating school computers and chairs. There are some also sponsor school bags with school supplies as part of their corporate promotional strategy. Cebu City is one of those privilege cities that have plenty of BPO Companies. In this way, lots of job openings and lots of companies that will pay taxes to the government. The economy of the Philippines will soon rise and booming.

Call Center Company

Looking for a job is getting much harder and very competitive each year as the new graduates come to compete with you. Looking for the right job that will compensate you well is very rare to find especially that the company usually requires great standards and expectations from you. There are many fresh graduates that end up working in a BPO outsourcing company because it does not requires age and good looking person but will only require the applicants to pass their work standards

Working standards in a call Center Company have increased their working standards especially in a big time BPO Company. Convergys is the one of the well known call center company that has a high standard and great benefits with a high pay. The company usually provides snack and corporate gifts as one strategy to attract newly graduates to apply and to become part of their group. Many fresh graduate students would prefer to work in a call center for greater opportunities that has a higher salary rate and benefits.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Building Construction

Since I got married, the first thing my wife and I have in mind was having a house before anything else. Having a house is very important. We had prayed about the project last year. And we did, we thank God that our target project of having the property was finally granted in the same year. In buying a property requires many requirements. As a buyer, one must qualify to obtain the property. From personal documents to financial related documents that will help proves that we qualify.

On my part, it was a mixed emotion while preparing many documents because the fear of failing on the initial screening was there. But everything turned out well. After the screening I was told to attend a seminar and meetings for some orientation about the housing system and some policies. I must have this certificate of attendance to prove that I already attended the orientations before I can proceed to the next step of processing the requirements. Planning to get a property is not easy especially that I didn’t pay anyone to process on my behalf.

Building inspections are one of the requirements in which the building engineers require before moving into the house. I have to set my time to inspect also my house to see if there are damages inside before we will move in. There are many houses that the materials of the constructions are substandard. This is the reason why building inspections are so important before moving in. Cracks, electrical, drainage and water system have the usual problem.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Academic Sponsorship

There are many corporate promotional strategies of a company through sponsorship of any event or academic sponsorship. Just like a friend of mine who use to be a product of academic sponsor. She was a smart woman, but since her parents died while still working in that company for many years. Their company shouldered her college for tuition to allowances. There were some students who were also part in the academic sponsorship.

After school, sponsored students were given the chance to have an internship in the company and might get absorbed after the students’ graduation. This also to build loyalty to student being develops on all his skills inside the company premises. Lucky for the student to have this kind of opportunity as we all know in the third world country education is really hard to achieve.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father’s Day Celebration


Nowadays, only few companies that are avidly celebrating any celebrations like Valentine ’s Day, mother’s day, father’s day or any special occasions like anniversary or birthday. There are some BPO companies that are applying the strategy of giving the employee recognitions by giving employee benefits and perks. Organizing an event or activities that would benefit each employee and leaders of the company. With this kind of strategy, companies will be able to get the loyalty of the employees. This is also a way to build a good relationship between the bosses and the employees.

Giving recognition to the endeavors of the employees will make them feel important and good motivations for them strive harder to maintain their standing of being one of the best employees. This is also a good bonding time for all the teams and giving them a change to mingle with each other and communicate to each other removing the entire gap in the team. Some BPO company uses corporate gifts to personalize the gift for all the fathers that are working with them.

Retro Fashion

I love unique fashion in which I may look different than the usual me. My friends and I are fond of buying accessories and bags for our fashion attire. We usually have uniform accessories and bags to look more attractive wherever we go. Retro style bags make a good alternative to ‘green’ bags which we usually use. It is much more costly than the ordinary bags but the style never gets old.

Calico bags are one good option for retro fashion statement. I have seen many students who were using calico bags during my college years. Calico bags already exist in student’s fashion especially the architect and engineering students that were fond of wearing this kind of bag. When I was transferred to another school, calico bags were still fad to fine arts students where they love reggae calico bags.The Bob Marley song was famous that time and almost all student used reggae attire from head bonnet to shirts to pants. Even in today’s generation calico bags style is really famous and you can find it in at any college school

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cold Weather of Rainy Season

The rainy season has finally arrived. We are expecting more typhoons to come in our country. Cold weather and rainy days even without typhoon is expected as well. Some provinces and cities in the country are now suffering from extreme floods. Luzon is the number one affected by floods. Cotabato and some part of Davao are also affected by the flood. Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City are always on alert every time the heavy rain comes because of what had happened years ago when typhoon Sendong causes flash floods and killed thousands of people.

MMDA department in Luzon had announced already that the number one cause of flood is an improper garbage disposal which causes to clog up the drainage system. Plastic garbage is the number one reason why Luzon suffers so much of the flood. People are the one suffered from the acts of irresponsible on throwing their garbage.

The department of MMDA keeps on reminding the people about the importance of not throwing garbage anywhere. There are some cities that totally banning the uses of plastic bags in shopping malls. I believe that it will help minimize the flood problems.The government officials are now imposing the uses of environmental friendly shopping bags, paper bags, and tote bags.  I think when everybody is well-educate on the importance of plastic ban, our environment will no longer suffer from the garbage problem.

A Message To Father's Day

 .... During father's day, I wrote a message dedicated to all the fathers in my life.... To my dear father, brother-in-laws and my beloved brother.  I am very thankful for having a dad, brother-in-laws and brother which I consider the best daddies in the whole world. ..... And to my hubby, even if we have not given children yet, still I love you for loving me unconditionally. 

My Father's Day Message

Happy father's day to you daddy Sam. Words are not enough to say how much we love and appreciate you for being our father. Being a minister in a congregation and a father to us is not an easy job but by God's grace you did it. I never forget how you took care of me when I got sick even if you had appointments. Bringing me along with you when you have house visitations or church services when I was a little girl for no one could attained to me at home. We are not materially abundant but your love is far more than enough to tell. 

Thank you also to you mom Luningning for your never ending love and understanding for your family. Having you as the provider of the family is not an easy job but because of your love and dedication to the Lord, you are willing to sacrifice everything just to support us financially. We love you mom.

Daddy, I will always be your daddy's girl.......This is my name....."Langi" you made me one..hehehe.. I am always being the langi daughter of yours. Until now, even if I have my own family, I couldn't resist myself to have your attention... making langi langi to you dad,.... The crying lady nako... hehehe..

Dad, whatever health conditions you may have right now, I know you are not getting any younger, prayers are far more effective than being near you. Forever we love you dad and mom for being our parents. 

...... Jezz...Happy father's day to you kuya James...Love you kuya.... thank you for being a good father and god-fearing husband to my sister.. I will always cherish your love and patience you extended to our family. Thank you for everything kuya..  

....... Jade Mar....Happy father's day to you Omar Jon.. thank you for giving my sister two wonderful and super active kids. hehehe.. thank you for being a good husband and a good provider as well. I will always appreciate your love and help to us even if we are just your extended family. Thank you for opening your home for us always. my handsome brother @jezreel yanez... Happy father's day to you dear bro.. I know there were times we had conflicts but I am happy that you still there for us. Forever we love you bro maski unsa pa na ang mahitabo...  

.......We do not choose our family; they are God’s gift to us, as we are to them. For we know families were created with all the imperfections make us forget ourselves occasionally, so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed......

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pipe Problem

A few months ago, I used to work in a café here in my place. The café was my brother’s business and he chose me to work as the officer-in-charge. He preferred me to be the one to take over on every problem that may occur. The whole time of my service I never had encountered major problems aside from the pipe leakage. I am the one who decided on what to do during that time because my brother was out of the country and the pipe problem was worsening if not attained immediately.

The problem like this is very unpredictable and could happen at any time. The worst thing was that, it happens before we close the café when everyone was ready to go. We were just lucky enough we saw the kitchen has a problem before we left. We were afraid if the problem was left unfixed for the whole night; the water will probably destroy our furniture, equipment or the worst was might flooded the whole place.

We tried to locate the problem and we saw it as a threat to the whole place especially the sanitary and the equipments. We were all tired and not experts to do the plumbing job. One thing that we are grateful with in times of emergency such like this is that there are some plumbing services which are available online like the 24 hour plumber Sydney, in which we can call at any time of the day.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Corporate Gifts

My father used to work in a coffee dealer company for almost 40 years. My father was started working in the company before I was born. I could still remember how he smells coffee from his work. When I was a little, I could still remember how he used to share his knowledge about the good quality of coffee and even the ratio of coffee beans to mix into something coffee mix.

As I grow up, I am not lucky enough to be able to know or pass on the knowledge he has when he was still working in coffee company. My father was the top salesman among his fellow workers. He used to receive awards for being the top seller of the month. He usually receives big bonuses and corporate gifts as his rewards for being the top. One of the best bonuses my father received was 9 pieces of tool Swiss knife with company name on it. Giving gifts is the best way for a company to promote their corporate products as well.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Philippine Economy

The Philippines economic status arises when many foreign investors came to the country to invest. The BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) industry is one of the biggest investments came into the country. More job opportunities that are open to the people and helping the economic boom as well. There are big cities like Davao City, Baguio City, Cagayan de Oro City, Manila and Cebu City that are economically booming because of many foreign BPO investors that invested in their city.

Cebu City is known for BPO industries which are booming to business economy. Cebu is one of the most fortunate cities where many foreign BPO companies invested and provided more works to many Filipinos. Many are migrating from other cities to Cebu City because of more job opportunities with a higher pay. IT park is the business center in Cebu City where BPO. Many corporate promotional in IT park has truly attracted newly grad students to apply for work were many benefits are being provide to promote their company.

Outsourcing is one of the most in demand work not only in Cebu City nowadays. Regardless to the educational attainment of an applicant, BPO industries are accepting anyone who qualifies for the BPO standards. The great thing that the economy in the Philippines is growing and our salute to those who have been part of making it through.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

College Fashion

When I was in my college years, it was fun meeting new friends and classmates. It was great getting to know other people and learning new things in school. It was a happy moment to see old friends in school again. Some of my friend transferred to another school because of financial problem. A new trend in fashion is surely coming out in the school campus.

Calico bags were quite famous in the school campus during my college years especially those messenger type of bag. Anywhere you look you can see students using calico bags. Some are a reggae type of bags, others were cotton type and another was later. In girls tote leather bags were famous. Reggae style gas has been so famous because of Bob Marley many students love his music so much.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back to School Preparation

The summer vacation has finally ended and the school year 2013-2014 is officially started. Last 3rd and 4th week of May, schools were busy for the enrollment and cleaning up drive at the same time. It was the busiest weeks for most teachers and school officials when preparing the school and at the same time accepting enroll.

Last week, my little brother and I went to his new school to enroll him. It was a busy day for us since we need to secure him all his requirements of 1x1 photo id picture, birth certificate, school cards and good behavior record for new student. As we were at the mall for his photo ID, we observed how parents were buying school supplies at the school supplies department. The baggage section was also busy on receiving the shopping bags left by the costumers.

The malls are still busy up to now for many are still buying for their school supplies. The greatest thing we have set and secured all the requirements and school supplies of my brother ahead of time since we know how busy malls will be during peak shopping before the opening of classes.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Company perks

In college for today’s generation, it is trend to take up information technology or any computer related courses. There are lots of companies that are open for hiring of any computer literate employees. Making good in school is very important aim for the students to get a better job in a prestigious company here in our place. There are some who are aiming to work with big companies like Google Company. One of a friend who used to be a graphic artist shared with me his success. He never expects working at Pixar for a year now. He is a proud man as he has been part of the company and shared his knowledge. He shared many things to us on how the company really gave them the appropriate benefits they deserved.

I have one in mind that has plenty of perks in which I myself dreaming about to be parted with, and that is Google. Google Company is giving the best perks you can find in the world. Google is the best for its services, benefits and bonuses. After sharing how the company gave all its benefits, IT people all over the globe is aiming to be part of that big company. I have read in a magazine about how Google manages the company to have the best of its benefits to their employees. One of my favorite benefits in Google is the spa, food, games and sports zone. Google doesn’t need their corporate products to be advertised because the company is already famous. With good salary and with all those perks it is truly amazing to be part of the company.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home Cleanliness

Cleanliness starts at home. As always, mothers are urging their children to be clean always wherever they go. As what my mom use to tell me that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. From that quote she was reminding me even at my younger years that I should be particular to clean my body and surroundings. She slowly teaches me the importance of cleanliness. In response, I gradually disciplined myself until doing it is just part of my daily routine. This is why we start using enviro bags and other eco friendly bags to reduce plastic garbage usage.

If everyone is disciplined to observe cleanliness, why should we suffer from garbage, pollution and other environmental danger? Let us start the changes that come from within. This is very important to observe and teach the importance of cleanliness. Teaching the whole world is a big responsibility to lessen the possible environment problem.

In China garbage is also been an issue and they are planning to turn garbage waste into energy plants. They are also thinking of trash reduction, recycling and management. Having garbage anywhere is attracting flies and other bacteria. This can be stop when we are responsible to all our garbage. Cleanliness starts with ourselves it should start at home.