Sunday, May 26, 2013

Loving The Environment

Recently, we can observe some irregularities up to unpredictable changes when it terms of climate. During summer time we sometimes experienced flooding due to heavy rains. There are some phenomenal occurrences in which people are not expecting the situation could just happen at any time even out of season. There are lots of factors in which we can consider as one contributor in destroying our environment, like cutting of trees, smoke coming from vehicles and factories; and the major is the improper throwing of garbage.

There are still many factors we can consider as environmental destroyer but those factors are just coming in which basically everybody identifies it as major destroyer. Even if the occurrence of those pollutants could not be avoided, everyone must be also responsible for the awareness of how it could be avoided or lessen. Those are gradually destroying our environment.

Everyone is affected by the climate change. The sun is no longer friendly to human skin because of our ozone layer is getting thinner. People get easily sunburn due to the extreme heat that is coming from the sun unlike before we could still out up to 10 in the morning without getting burned. Just last month I went out to cut the grass from my garden and I did only stay up to 8 in the morning. I could not take the extreme heat from the sun. Life in 20 years ago was no longer the same anymore. Staying outside under the sun is no longer tolerable and no longer healthy to human.

One thing I could say about this matter, everyone must be responsible for saving the environment. There are some private agencies that advocate of living green. They educate people to live in the right manner and avoid anything that could destroy the environment. Urging people to be more responsible and planting trees or any way that the agency could share to educate everybody to minimize the global problem of destroying the environment.

Garbage is really one big issue which many countries nowadays are finding remedies to solve the problem. Some urges people to use reusable bags, green bag and Eco friendly bags to contribute an Eco friendly environment. Media is now helping to educate about the environmental destroyer and I am hopeful that everyone must be more responsible this time to help loving our environment.