Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Sunday


Today it is Easter Sunday. I love to hear most people around our neighborhood, regardless the religion, are  talking about going to church.  It has been a while since I haven't gone to church because of some health problems. I really miss coming to church to sing and hear about the gospel of God. 

There are lots of families are gathering on the beach after church. This is the only time where they can enjoy the good weather at the beach after the long holidays. And to some people are now traveling back home from vacation. It is really good to spend time to relax and enjoy the holidays. It is the time where everyone can enjoy the moment having outside their usual place. 

The real essence of the holy week is the remembrance of Jesus Christ's death on the cross to redeem us sinners.  It was done ones and it is being remembered forever by the Christians. Jesus loves us all.  Happy Easter everyone!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Friday

Philippines is celebrating the Holy Week. Everybody loves the long holiday week. There are many people especially the Catholics are observing the VISITA IGLESIA, where many people are coming to many churches to attend mass. Some are spending their holy week to beaches or a vacation travel. Time to relax and enjoy the week without thinking anything about their job.

It is Holy Friday, many are preferring to stay in their house with their family. Most families are preparing TABIRAK or BINIGNIT during this season. Our neighbor and I are now preparing binignit as well. Can wait to taste it. Yum yum yum!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reusable Bags

There are lots of strategies to market a product or company. There are some would think of marking down prices by giving discounts or giving you a buy one take one of their products. Some would simply give you freebies that have their company’s name printed on. These are not new to the business world. These are just part of the company’s marketing strategy that successfully advertising their products or services.

 A friend of mine had recently bought many reusable bags to wrap up their products during their company’s anniversary. Having some attractive printings, important company details and logo which is printed on, is certainly the best marketing strategy and advertising technique.  Many companies are adopting the style of using freebies that surely people would appreciate and comfortable to bring along. Many people love having an all purpose bags that is made up of natural materials and an eco friendly items.

I was once invited in a launching of a company before. Part of their strategy was giving out freebies like mugs, fans and reusable bags. I really enjoyed attending such event that eventually enhances me to new things. Having a souvenir item with the name and date printed on is another factor that eventually reminded me of being part of the event.