Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BPO Company

One of the best experiences I ever had is to be able to work in a BPO Company. It was never been my dream to work in a job which is not related to my course but  now I am making money more than I expected. It is a great thing to work in a big company. My expectation was never been this big but great opportunities come ones so I did grab the opportunity.

Our office found in the IT park building 17th floor. Fully air-conditioned and fully carpeted office. I feel so relax even if I am bombarded with many projects. With the kind of working place, the feeling is like I am still at home. Every room has six to seven capacities of desktop computers. The room is not congested with many employees in order to have a healthy working area. The company is composed of many departments like CSS, Java, PHP and my department Online Marketing. We are all classified according to departments in order to avoid unattended projects.

I am very happy to have the job a month before the company celebrates their annual anniversary. I never thought of having special events during that day. Everyone is busy for their departmental presentation. The HR department is also busy preparing for the programs, games and give away to be given to employees. They also arranged the place for the venue of the said event.

The corporate gifts, goodies and some special awards are to be given to employees as well. This is a big event in which the company should also spend a lot. In such a way that the company will be giving lots of big surprises in order to thank the employees for giving their loyalty and best at their work. There are some promotional products of the company is to be given to the employees such as customized jackets, T-shirts, bags, caps, fan and mugs. This is what I like the most when working in a company such as I had is the close relationship with each other, happy working environment and good benefits.