Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weather Condition

Yesterday's Weather Condition

Today's Weather Condition

This is the weather we have since yesterday and today. Since we arrived here in Tagum, Davao del Norte for vacation, everyday is a blessing. The rain falls during the night time and in the day time we had a bright sunny day. Thank God for the good weather. It is been a while since we have not seen rain due to EL NINO. And hopefully this will be the beginning of the normal weather here in our country.

My Nephew's Recognation Day

Yesterday was the recognation day of my nephew David Jon. David is the eldest son of my sister and just finished his grade 2 at Magugpo Pilot Imelda Elementary School, Tagum, Davao del Norte. David gave so much proud to our family. David is a consistent honor student at SPED A class since 1st grade and again yesterday he was given an award of with honors.

Congratulations to you David Jon Yanez Correos. God bless and we love you always.

A good remembrance

Last year, hubby and I attended an annual convention which was held here in our town. This annual convention was the most awaited event of every member in our organization especially that another new knowledge has being shared by some of the well-known speakers in our country. Some speakers were also diplomats and politicians.

This convention was the biggest event so far we have attended last year. Many attended the convention and even some dignitaries were also present just to attend the event. Though it cost us much, still we never regret it because we have learned many things about the latest in technology and some shared strategies on how to become successful in the field you are in with.

All conventions we have attended so far are giving freebies and free samples from the major sponsors. And during last year’s convention, I was very lucky that the event was fall on the day of my birthday. It was really the most unforgettable experienced ever because I received 2 major awards which were drawn by the sponsors. We, as the professional attendees, were given some free stuff from the minor sponsors and for the young ones were also given some student freebies.

The convention was successfully held for two days. Though we have paid much but all was worth paying for. We never regret attending such convention like this. Not just imparting us the purpose of the said event but also sharing us such things that would give us good remembrance from what we have attended.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank God for the RAIN

Since yesterday and today, our town has experienced rain once again since El Nino came in our country. Praise God for the answer of our prayers. Without the rain, our land will continue to dry up and will continuously destroyed the farmer’s crops. Early February this year, El Nino had started devastated our country. Summer has not officially started that time yet, but we all had experienced the hottest temperature ever this year which causes us so much problem. Our entire water dam, which our electric power system gets the source of energy, has almost dried up.

Rain please continues to fall down over the land and fill us with enough water to make the dry land more useful to us. If the land will continues dry until July this year, all farmers will truly be hopeless to have a good harvest for living.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My brother's birthday cake

Today is the 10th year of my younger brother. As a present, I made him a birthday cake. Happy birthday pao.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wave board

Wave board is the newest boarding trend here in my place. Most children in our neighborhood are using the wave board. They feel like they are using snowboard and surfboard on the street. I am amaze seeing little kids using the wave board without hesitations and bravely riding it without showing a bit expression of fear from their face. They even dare to ride it on a stiff road when going up and down to a mountain.

Wow! I really couldn’t imagine how those kids manage to control the board in without stepping the floor. It is very complicated for me as I saw them using their bodies swing to control their way on the road. I never imagine how bad they have been through as they have started using the wave board. A bit of body balance and guts to try it is important if you want to know on how to use it. I tried using the board many times but the more I tried the more my legs got hurt. I will keep on trying until I get the perfect balancing and movement for me to enjoy more on using the wave board.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hockey Game

Hockey is one of my nephew’s favorite sports. In fact, he played hockey since he started high school. Since then, he never misses any hockey game played in their place and he became more fanatic on the said sports. Wes has 3 favorite teams in the league and he makes sure not to miss watching live any of the game.

Wes parents are very supportive to him even to the sports he likes. They bought him tickets to watch live every month when his favorite teams played. There are times also that he and his father will go out together to watch for their favorite team. Last December, he received a Christmas present from his Aunt, the Chicago Blackhawks Tickets and Melon Arena Tickets to support for the Pitburgh Penguins home team of Melon Arena. Hockey really thrills Wes even though the game is so physical, but this doesn’t matters to him. The game really excites the fans and the supporters on its designated places.

Wes was also given lately by his mother the Calgary Flames tickets as his advance graduation gift. His mother gives him the chance to watch the game of Calgary Flames live with friends as one on his list of his favorite teams. The team is known to be the first team from Canada to move on in Stanley Cup finals.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Sister's Favorite Collection

Have you seen a house having no plants? Can you imagine how dull does a house looks like when having no plants or flowers around? Most people are at least planting any plants or flowers of their choice to add more beauty to their house or gives them fresh air.

There are things in which people are having more fun with. Just like my sister Jade, she loves collecting flowers from different places. She really finds pleasure when she saw our house full of beautiful plants. She always bought plants or flowers which are rare in our place. She makes sure that the plants she bought will not just give her pleasures, but will also gives beauty in our house. She puts some accent on every windows in our house to look more beautiful and fresh by placing her rare flowers in window boxes.

Yesterday, when she visited at her friend’s house, she got more ideas on what flowers were best for our windows to become more attractive from the outside views. As she went back home, she was thinking of putting some of her expensive roses in our room's windows. So, she she dropped by at the plants shop and bought new sets of window boxes planters and window flower boxes which she finds best for her roses.

This morning, as we finished putting all the flowers in the window box, the house became more elegant in terms of being more attractive and fresh. Having some plants inside and outside the house helps rejuvenate us when we rest.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mama Virgie's 57th birthday

Today, it is my Mother-in-law's 57th birthday. As a part of our love and gratitude, hubby and I initiated a small party with our friends. Thanks to ate Roselyn for helping me realize the cake which I desired for mama on her birthday. Baking a cake is very exhausting but the happiness and love of doing it helps pave the tire out feelings.

And to you mama, according to what we just read about God's word today, stop worrying and doubting Him about what He has for you. Instead, you must trust Him on everything for you and about the best for your life since this day on. We are here for you no matter what. Johnny and I loves you. Again, happy birthday to you.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

El Niño of 2010 –Blackouts

Today, is another frustrating day for us staying inside the house without electricity during summer season. Using any electric generated appliances to alleviate the high temperature inside the house is not possible. We then choose to stay for the whole long day at the mall to enjoy the cold temperature. Buying any cold refreshment will also help us on soothing our dried up feelings.

It’s more than a week since our city officials initiated for the rolling of blackouts. Our country’s energy officials are searching for the best solution for our country’s energy power shortage due to El Niño. Since our country’s energy power is generated with water, people were advised to conserve energy to avoid energy shortage before the El Niño ends. The 2010 El Niño has just started and expected to last up to July this year, but most of our water dam had almost dried up. El Niño is starting to damage the crops to most farmers in our country. We will just pray that God will send us rain ahead of the pronounced date so that we will not suffer more on the bad effects that El Niño would possibly bring.