Friday, May 17, 2013

Human Responsibility

There are many places all over the world are now in particular to garbage segregation. Segregation of rubbish is one of the best solutions to solve possible environmental problems. I have known one city which is in particular to garbage segregation and that is Cebu City, Philippines. In this manner, people were advised to segregate garbage properly and to educate them to be responsible for their garbage to avoid destroying our environment.

There were many reactions that came out from the community at first but they have nothing to do to change the ordinance especially that this change was in good purpose. In some middle class places, many are murmuring for the garbage segregation for they think of additional work for them. Some are thinking about the importance of segregating their garbage to make it more useful instead. The only thing people can make garbage more useful is to separate plastics, papers, biodegradable and the non-biodegradable.

I am wondering why some people have been in trouble segregating garbage. It is probably because they don’t like storing garbage inside the house or probably lack of artistic ability to recycle rubbish. On my part, it is our responsibility to dispose garbage properly especially now that the world encounters some critical problem with plastic garbage and the usual cause of floods in the Philippines.

In this manner, some city in the Philippines has to ban the use of plastic bags or any plastic base product and use paper bag, reusable bag and Enviro bags instead. At first few months’ malls, factories, establishments or markets find adjusting on implementing the law. This law is really a big help to the people and so to our environment.