Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night

The week is about to end and the common thing that comes out of the mouth would be the unsung phrase: “Thank God, It’s Friday!” or TGIF, for short. The word "Friday" is comparable with the word "weekend," and "weekend" is with the word "party," by people who worked hard and long for a break. Therefore, a great way to celebrate all the work done in the week is a Friday night party.

Just like any other event, a party needs to be planned. Whether the party is decided on a whim, the host must have an itinerary on how the party will go. The food, the drinks, the music and even the duration of time are the prior things that should be thought of before the event.

The party will be fun whilst it last. The intoxicating beat of the music, full belly from the food served and the hype from the booze are the contributing factors of “fun.” And when the booze gets to the head and loose the guard a sober mind would build – in the state of inebriation – infinite crazy ideas will come rushing for the “pursuit of happiness” that the night can offer. Though the consequence to face in this pursuit would that a big of rubbish. It could be a great of a mess. This would need to be clean and would weigh tons. A bin hire Melbourne should be contacted in the help to clean the rubbish. This is always the consequence in the morning after in every party but it would be a small obligation compare to the happiness felt the night before.

Really, unexpected things will happen on a Friday night. Whether attending a party or just staying at home, everyone deserves to have fun in their own respective way.