Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Sports Football

My best friend Michael who is living in United Kingdom for almost ten years now and since then we seldom talk. And last night after many years of no communication, he finally calls up and we have been talking about the life he has been up to lately in UK. He was a sports fanatic even since before he left the country and until now sports is one of his best especially football which is famous in Europe. He told me that he loves watching European football teams playing and his favorite team is from Spain Real Madrid. I was so amused on how he relates about his experiences and even when he is at work he find ways from being updated on livescore through calling a friend or by online mobile.

He told me that Real Madrid team is one of the best team around Europe and recognize by FIFA. This sport’s football is very famous in Europe were supporters around the globe will travel just to watch and support their own national team, who is playing in the world competition life FIFA World Cup, U20 World Cup, UEFA Champions League and many more.

Michael told me that even he was so busy at work last week; he still manages himself to be updated at the football livescore and have his bookmakers online. With the help of this online site he has nothing to worry about on latest game schedule, scores, bookmakers and even the result on every match played in World Cup Football or FIFA World Cup. Thanks to my friend Michael for sharing me about his latest update and even about the famous football in Europe.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Dedication to Duty

Have you heard about Medical Teaching Course? Have you tried stressing yourself looking for the best training center for your teaching course? Yes! You heard me right, stressing yourself for your teaching course.

My sister-in-law is one of the respected resident doctors in one of our local hospital. She is not only known for her charity works; but also for her dedication and sincerity upon serving people who needs her medical attention. She never stops aiming for something good on helping others.

So last year she took the opportunity which the government had offered to all eligible doctors . Those doctors who are willing to teach and at the same time enhancing their knowledge by taking the doctors teaching course. Her passion is to help others not only those who are sick but also those aspiring doctors who need her teaching abilities.

Having the profession of a doctor and teacher at the same time is not a hindrance on her full pledge to help others. Instead, it gives her fulfillment in life and happiness while seeing others contented on the help she extended. Learning in medicine is a fast growing field. So early this year after taking the doctors teaching course, she aspire to share what she had learned and teach the teachers course to her fellow doctors.

Thanksgiving day

There are many things in which we all are thankful with. As for me this past year, there are far more than enough blessings which God gave to us and by that my heartfelt gratitude is my way to say thanks. My family in Washington is now celebrating their thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, and of family to gather and eat holiday meals. My mother prepares a turkey and pumpkin pie. How I wish to spend time with them in this season.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Week to Remember

This week our town has been damaged by a strong typhoon that lasted for more than 5 days. Finally, this afternoon the sun came out to dried up the flooded areas. Many places have experienced landslides; some lost their houses and even their love ones. All flights were canceled; schools, offices and other establishments had suspended their regular operations due to the flash flood. The flood left us many problems; our electricity, drainage and water system was also been destroyed.

Today is our first day back in school since classes was suspended last Monday because of the typhoon. Many students fail to attend from their classes because their school materials were still wet and some lost everything they got for school due to flood. This morning, I am one of those who came to school with complete books and school materials. Before the typhoon had started, I left my things inside my school locker to secure it from getting wet by rain or flood along my way home. Most of the students had experienced tremendous tragedy; by then the school president requires each students to have their school lockers for their convenience and to lessen the possibilities of loosing their things again during this natural calamity.

Our teachers in Business Math also reported that she just lost her school records and personal papers when her car washed out by the flood last Tuesday night. She was thinking of having her things safer inside her car rather than using her own locker. Most of our staff in the faculty forgets the importance of having their lockers for their school papers. Through a single negligence she made causes her so much work.

One of the highlights in our school for this month is the final game for the Inter school Basketball leagues this coming Saturday which will be held in our opponent’s place. Our school is representing our town to fight for the best against the current Champion. We are so blessed that all of our players, even those who were affected by the typhoon, had saved their uniforms and left it inside their gym lockers. One of my neighbors, who use to be the team captain, saved his uniform when he forgot to bring it home and left it inside his gym locker. He was lucky when the typhoon came and everything in their house got wet, useless and destroyed. Nothing was left to him but his dry dirty basketball uniform inside his gym locker.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Friend’s Miracle?

Television is one great source of entertainment and learning. It is the easiest way to get general information and enjoy with the family in times. There are different ways of getting into the bottom line of enjoyment and learning in televisions; and the best way is to have sufficient channels to choose with.

I am a cable subscriber and I enjoy watching movies and getting information especially on educational channels. For me TV is still learning though sometimes it could be just for leisure. I was visited my friend in his house last day and I caught him watching TV. It was not hilarious until I remembered him mocking me at my being TV addict. Well, as I see it I think his about to reach 4 hours as his housemaid reported, isn’t that not being a TV addict? I should have not reacted but considering that, a nerd-friend like him prohibiting me on TV is much more like a boss telling to improve an employees work, the only difference is that he would probably tell me about improving my life. I was very much curious how a man like him would soak himself in TV. So, wearing a big grin, I sat with him and watch TV as well. I asked him smiling “What are you watching?” Then he guiltily replied, “Oh, it’s not what you think, this one is good”. I continued watching and until I get focused to the TV on teasing him, I found myself entertained. It is a channel which I did not have in my TV. I asked him “what is your cable connection?” “It’s Directv. Not your regular cable”. He was smiling at me presuming that I really don’t have what he does and actually I was jealous. “Direct TV?” I was really curious what in the earth that is. It was my first time to witness my friend soaking himself on TV.

The main point that I am about to discover is what is with this DirectTV that my friend, who is a nerd was even dragged into watching TV. In as much as finding an example, I happen to watch a great travel channel in his TV when I visited him again. Whatever it is I am still about to discover.

Oprah Winfrey ending talk show in 2011

One of the most popular figure in the world history is now about to end her talk show career in 2011 according to the news this morning. Oprah Winfrey had gone too long on her career. The show as made known to the commercial world, had traveled lives and made a breakthrough on the entertainment field for about 25 years now. Perhaps, this is the terminal of her services to the public. She might have some too far in her talks at times, but what made history is her good remarkable deeds while on TV and not the over lapses that had clouded her career for some few part of the past years. This is one top story again to be look after. The crowd could expect that this woman will probably part as a nominee for the woman of the year.

The Nurture that Baby Needs

One of the greatest interests of mommies is how to give their babies a comfortable sleep with peace. One way or the other, music is still essential since it possesses a unique type of medicine which heals the soul. Babies fall asleep in chosen music since good music can ease the mind. In perfect peace that babies fall into good healthy sleep. Part of the babies need is to rest as much is it could replenish the baby’s health. It is vital that babies should have proper rest since this could affect his growth. It must be taken into every mommy’s consideration that the health of the baby depends on how they nurture and maintain the baby’s health. This means that whatever step they take and tools they use in aiding the nurture of their baby’s, they must take extra care of choosing wise decisions for their baby’s. In the sleeping case, good moms prefer to get their baby’s sleep through music or sound machine.

There are sound machine designed for babies that produce harmonious sounds which keeps the baby’s brain relaxed through his sleep from soft music. White noise machine are like massage machines which softly massage the baby’s brain and keep it on ease. Many wise moms’ stick to their daily plans and remain on the baby’s attention. It is the best thing more than any other tools to at least give the baby their mom’s personal touch. In order to give the baby the right attitude that he might posses he must be given the proper and direction. The harmony the heart is still the most powerful tool to relax one’s mind. In many special cases, the heart’s music when accompanied by special tools produces even greater effects on the baby’s nurture. It is up to the parents to maintain what has been nurtured in babyhood. The promotion of music for mind ease and healing is a good way to keep the baby in the proper posture of thinking.

Easy Education and Globalization

Globalization had placed every country into the next level of competitiveness. The struggle for survival never reaches limitation. Everyone needs to improve oneself and nevertheless stand the rigid high tides of life. Education therefore is one great value that must be taken as priority. The better a man could give himself education the greater chances of survival he perceives.

Among all academic tasks that a teacher may give, homework ranked as one of the most hated. Some of the students take their time to lessen their burdens through online homework help. This is one best solution for voluminous assignments and there is no there to help you. Perhaps one of the best ways to do this is to look for free online homework help since lessening burden describes your primary reason for homework helps. Today’s work and study field has been greatly involved with technologies. It makes working fast and easy. In turn, computers had played the role making tasks quick and easy especially on office works. This is also one of the reasons making globalization in rapid in growth.

In the field of education, technology had given most of the discoveries that students and teachers may discover. It is really a fascinating feature of the internet that makes learning quick and easy. In the early times, math is really a head breaking subject. Today, you can just simply click on the internet and look for online math homework helper. Specifically, you could also ask help in algebra through, algebra homework help. This gives primary hint that in as much as the world is getting competitive; the learning tools are also getting more competitive and are easy to use. Learning must not stop; therefore there is a need to abide with the tools that requires human cooperation. As part of the globalization process, one must not be left behind with requirements of competitiveness and education plays the major requirement.

Manny Pacman Pacquiao Arrival

Filipino pride Manny Pacman Pacquiao receives heroes welcome from Filipino people for winning seven world titles in seven weight divisions after defeating Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico in their WBO welterweight fight Nov. 14.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Cousin Trip to Hollywood

My cousin Trish is a flight attendant in a big company in the US and she had been working for almost ten years. She is always busy traveling from one place to another almost staying in a hotel around US the whole week. Even in holidays she is so busy because this is the vacation time or vacation leave of people around US. That’s what makes her life so busy. But when she has time for vacation it is a full one month holiday vacations that makes it great. Last year when Trish had time for vacation she travels with her family in a Caribbean cruise for a whole month.

While next year my cousin Trish told me she’s planning to go to Hollywood. Trish heard about her fellow flight attendant who received a free Hollywood bowl tickets from a friend. The ticket is categorized by two entertainment and sports events. Aside from Hollywood bowl ticket there are two more ticket category that is available; Jeff Dunham tickets and a steady rain tickets. Jeff Dunham is a famous American stand-up comedian that has been seen on some famous television shows. While a steady rain tickets is for people who love watching on theater whether it’s a concert, classical, pop or Broadway. Trish is looking forward to have a good experience in her Hollywood vacation and I’m also looking forward to hear stories about her trip.

Travel Around

Our family love to travel, explore and enjoy the beauty of nature around. And because we are a big family we need a large vehicle in order to accommodate and bring everyone to a family trip. A car is a very important mode for transportation. It is comfortable and offers the assurance of a smooth travel. In the past, we travel long distances three times a week. It made the family car overused and the tire tread get even with the tread depth. Because of this we were forced to buy new tires due to our successive travels and because we have no other choice for a safety travel mode.
Our family driver has been driving for twelve years I think. I believe he is a real professional when it comes to first class automobiles, automatic cars, four wheel drives, and to the sixteen wheeler trucks you name it! He knows how to drive it. He is also the first person who taught me how to drive. I know how to drive but only a small car as I’m not good on that so called clearance thing when driving a big family car. Dodo is the name of our driver, and he also taught me about the break fluid, break, and turning around, high beam, low beam, filling water on radiator and how to buy tires. He told me that Goodyear tires are the ones I should choose when replacing my old car tire. Learning these few things about the car is really helpful for me. I’ve tried a long distance trip for around 70 kilometers but my car never makes it due to its condition. It was there I realize that automobile tune up is really very important.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pacquiao a Successful Challenger

After beating out Miguel Cotto from round 2 to round 11 referees finally stop the match between the two fire power Pacman and Cotto. Manny Pacquiao announce to Cotto that he can knock him out by staggering him on round 3 and 4 that made Miguel realize that he’s title is on danger giving him no choice but try to run out against the Filipino pride Pacman. After a non-stop action of round 1 to round 4, the next thing that happens is “catch me if you can”. Miguel game play changes to survival mode trying not to face Pacquiao that would lead to knock out. But in round 12 the referee realize that he is not fighting anymore and end the match between the two fire power fighter with a TKO since Cotto couldn’t fight back anymore. Now Manny Pacman Pacquiao wins his seventh title in as many weight classes. He now has the WBO welterweight crown when the referee stopped the fight in the 12th round. As Manny says on the post fight interview “I’m just a fighter trying to entertain the fans”. We are surely entertained and are proud to be a Filipino.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Saving what Saves the Day

“When everything goes short, there’s Credit”
In a department store last week, I purchased grocery items good for one week consumption. I actually do that usually but that was the first time that I failed to purchase what defines the necessity in my household. That means that my cash wasn’t that sufficient so I have to depend on my credit card. On the contrary however, my access was denied and revealed a bad credit. Well that was my first time, but at least not in the grocery, its part of my necessity, not my luxuries. The point is, if my credit should fail me, I should suppose giving consideration to a credit repair. My credit report reveals a typical error exhausting my credit line disallowing me for another credit transaction. That should be a nightmare; I need it on my emergency moments.
The second day after the bad credit report, it had come unto my mind unfreezing these transactions. It’s like troubleshooting a computer system; I need to repair the source of my routine since I don’t usually bring lots of bills with me. I can’t assure safe transactions with malfunctioning credit lines. The best thing that I had experienced on credit usage is the all out “saved by the bell” easy to use card; this is where credit lines define their purpose. But the saddest thing is that after my appeal of repairing my credit line, it took me several weeks before recovering my transactions again. On the second thought, I still believe that the need to fix credit plays a great role of pursuing pending duties. In the long run, though my credit repair thing got a little loose out of slow response, I still got the title for emergency savings the next few days. On a shopping with my friends, as soon as the repair was done, I have purchased the items my friends want me to. It feels like this is part of the lessons to be learned and the after thought of relying on credit lines? Still got to change and get planned for fix credit.

Undas Trip

My Friends Perfect Family Getaway!

I was just sitting on the sofa watching my favorite TV show in my living room when my phone rang. It was one of my friends, and she told me about the tour which lately she had invited me to come over. In our conversation, I could hear the sound of the ocean waves and the chattering sounds of birds. But there is one thing that I was wondering about; every time my friend call me, her children would always be there to make their noises and ask something from their mother, and that was the first time that I didn’t hear them horsing around. While she was on her story with me on the phone, I couldn’t help but interrupt and ask “where are the kids? Did you not bring them with you?” “They are with me and in fact, they are very much enjoying this trip”. I paused for a while and wondered, “The brats enjoying without disturbing their agree-all-the-time mom? Must be really a good place to satisfy those kids”. She describes the place as a small paradise. The air was fresh and the view was magnificent; “This is perfect place for reflection, for me and my husband”. They were in the middle of a mild conflict which had resulted the slight coldness of relationship. Then I asked her for their exact location. She said that they where in the Myrtle Beach Resort and they where going to stay there for one month since there are available comfortable condominiums to stay with. This is her purpose of the getaway, to have their time as a family and escape the stress of the city.

So much with the couple thing, that night after their conversation, she called me again and told me how amazing the pools and the beach are. That night, I was annoyed by the series of calls she gave me, she was like a reporter giving me every detail of her trip, but I know I couldn’t be mad, she’s a good friend. So after her call, I was thinking about it all night. Early morning, my mobile phone was first to rung than my alarm clock. It was my friend again, sharing to me the perfect view of crystal ocean water and the white sand which she and her husband were walking. She was very happy to sharing their peaceful reconciliation and that she added it unto her diary that Oceanfront Myrtle Beach resort was the place where she find first peaceful reconciliation. I bet she’s overwhelmed by happiness so I grabbed the opportunity I asked her about the availability of her offer and good God that she affirmed that I could still come over (though my role as peace negotiator has expired). Next week shall be the schedule of my flight. At least I still have 1 week for free accommodation and condo with them. Now I could experience her excitements too. I believe that Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts could offer me the services that I am expecting. This one could be a start of finding the perfect place for me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To the Huslte!

“The best way to protect the integrity of information is to have full comprehension on it”

Today’s society requires more efficiency and to survive competitive areas in different fields research is a frontline for information success. This day is a hustle day. One of my professors assigned me to do a research about a certain subject which is written in an unusual language and explain its significance in the society where I live. I turned over to different books, encyclopedias, search the web and other software and it gave me a lot of hustle. Never of those books and software gave me a satisfactory answer since the word itself was not recognized by English software, neither that it was translated comprehensively. I had comprehensions on other languages but this language spells a great difference on the things I already knew. I searched and searched the web until I found how to find a way for online translation. The name given as one of the founders is a semi-Korean which need name translation. The name was semi Korean and it had given me hard time spelling his works since I don’t even recognize his name. I had a hard time fulfilling the subject until I had full comprehension on his works written on English and their history.

Brand translation was also part of the assigned tasks given to me. The economic field had given the entrepreneurs their life and imitations had threatened the integrity of their business. We cannot imagine the population of the people and the countries living in an industrialized business society. One cannot be sure that the brand of the shoes, the shirt and the jeans which he is wearing is original, sometimes written on their on languages; the name could only be an imitation. My business management professor also gave me the task how to do business card translation in a safe way. I had again searched the web and look for the most possible answer and gained information that one vital part of translating business cards into languages especially on international transactions is the place and the market value that needs to be considered for the prosperity of the business. Comprehensive translation must be observed in order to maintain the integrity of the business card and maintain the contents as it is sent in the sender’s language. In the long run, the day had become more of a day of information. It is hard to be trusted by your professor, your tasks are doubled but so as your knowledge.

My birthday cake for a friend

A friend who stayed with us celebrated her 18th birthday, so I decided to cook a dinner for her visitors and baked her special birthday cake.

An Embarrassing Moment

I am a social person and socializing is part of my pleasure life. It is a magnificent experience to enjoy socialization especially on formal ones. One of the moments that I regret having been part of my embarrassing moments is the inconvenience that my fellow classmates felt during my birth day party. It was resulted by just one bottle opener which had ruined my night that day. When I was about to open the Champagne, the corkscrew was not that sharp to push downward which resulted the screw to slip and broke the bottle and the wine spilled over my gown. Just thankful that at least I wasn’t badly wounded. But I wouldn’t wait until I’ll be.

That evening became the talk of the town and I felt so embarrassed. On a visit in my cousin’s house, as usual opening a Champagne is part of the hospitality; I had observed a durable wine opener that she used to open the bottle with convenience. I can’t help but ask her “What is that couz?” she replied “It’s a rogar estate wine opener, we use this in our club, its easy to use and so far, we have not experienced malfunctions yet so stick unto it”. I was interested when heard it (considering that I have an experience from wine openers) so I inquired and heard something about rogar wine openers. I recommended this to my families and they themselves have experienced great convenience using rogar wine openers. Now, they are using two varieties of this kind, the Estate wine opener and the champion wine opener which they have benefited by such great usage in business. I have used it myself and these openers do have really sharp corkscrews which makes wine opening comfortable. I am saying this because it had saved me during my “despedida” party in a five-star hotel, my visitors felt convenience and the party was a success. I just smiled when one of my visitors expressed a joke “Is rogar for sale?” Finally, I had a feeling of ease giving my visitors a nice party in return to what happened on my birth day. Still the best way that I can say, my parties still doesn’t suck. I can’t let an occasion end up in a bloody mess like broken bottle injuries. I still can’t let that happen to my relatives. Still this ends up with my success. Next destination for my party shall be greater than I should have.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inverting Stereotypical Apprehension on Recession

The world perilously suffers from continues economic breakdown. Part of industrialization is the cost of natural or agricultural resources. Definitely almost all of the factories that had come into existence had made their refineries and other source outbreak through the help of the natural resources we have. Coal for example had explicitly overwhelmed the industries all over the globe. The Philippines in particular could not have been affected directly by the most controversial global financial crisis. It is plainly because mostly, the source of living in the Philippines depends on agriculture. Meaning, it is not a money-based industry, but an agricultural one.

Recession as part of the economies life cycle is the alarming part which activates stimulus to commercial people. This is where the turning point of the industries is located. When supply overrides demand it results to dislocation of the business systems. This would slow down the marketing process cutting the income down and worst is to slide down into regression and never recover again, Bankruptcy. In recent business years, few business hotels and tourist spots in Europe had decreased their marketing prices including accommodations and services. In the Philippines, United States-based logistics Federal Express (FedEx) had closed their hub in the northern side of the Philippines. The company had transferred the hub to Guangzhou, China and started new operations there. This would mean another case of unemployment in the Philippines; in fact it is about 500 hundred workers whose about to lose their job. This means another recession in the economies employment field and thus, trimming down another percentage in the consumption.

Though recession may be lethal to the economic development; it somehow works on moving on the inverse proportion. The Philippines has been affected by the impact of the financial crisis and it had brought slight tension to possible economic harm. It is however great that this may lead to possible agricultural focus on development. Dr. Ines Smyth, Gender Adviser of Oxfam International said as quoted in the Philippine daily inquirer “This is an opportunity to revise investment fundamental policies like investment in agriculture”. The better we process raw materials, the bigger chances that we survive a persisting financial crisis. There are on the other hand clever initiatives for financial crisis. India for example, India's Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh commits for a financial reform. The reform agenda includes developing long-term debt markets, a corporate bond market, strong insurance and pension sectors and future markets. This makes another initiative in exterminating the fear of the society for economic breakdown.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Economy on Global Warming

The Economy on Global Warming

Global warming had become a perilous issue since the beginning of its discovery. Global warming is the increase of temperature in the earth surface which had abruptly caused climate change all over the globe. From the late 1800’s we had increased from 0.7o to 1.4o F (0.4 to 0.8oC) and most scientists predict that the average temperature will rise from 2.5o to 10.4oF (1.4o to 5.8oC) in the year 2100. This means that the earth will endure intense heat and the percentage of survival depends on the rate of adaptation that the living beings and natural environment could perform.
Global warming started way back 18,000 years ago. The climate that was experienced back then was not as what is right now. Global warming is primarily caused by a process called the “Greenhouse Effect”. It is a process in which certain gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), ozone and water vapour traps the heat radiated from the sunlight and the heat that was supposed to be released in the outer space and reflects it back in the earth’s surface. These gases are natural gases produced by the earth’s atmosphere and the chemical reactions it had driven from the earth’s surface. These gases are in a routine in the earth’s natural processes but human activities mostly derived by industrialization and technology advancement had intensified the production of such gases and made the earth’s atmosphere more intensely warm. Carbon dioxide for example is abundantly produced by burning fossil fuels (oil, gas, petrol, etc.) which are mainly used in factories, the use of windshield washer releases ozone and some particles of methane to the atmosphere, and there are several other industrial activities which release these gases.
The earth’s natural processes could accommodate the production of these greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) which is used as one of raw materials in “photosynthesis”, the food producing process of plants. In this process Carbon dioxide (CO2) is broken down into Carbon for later food process and Oxygen (O2) is released to the environment for animal respiration. However, the rapid growth of industrialization produced severely abundant amount of this gases through factory smokes. Buildings also required woods, therefore making a huge pile of logging activities that had skinned the forest, exterminating thousands of trees and plants. The society becomes advanced yet disturbing the natural processes of the earth. With the rapid advancement of the earth’s industrial society, Global warming has a greater percentage of becoming more intense.
The expansion of industrialized societies leads to greater economic growth. The machines and factories that we have will soon develop into more innovated ones. However, these innovations will not assure the security on the economic growth. To become more advanced is to defy nature. To extend beyond what is naturally in earth, thus breaking the rule of the natural processes. The terrifying effect that could be brought by Global warming could be hastened, which means a total 90 degrees roll over of the economic condition. The Philippines for example is not a money based industry, we gain living mostly through agriculture. Sunlight might help through the process of photosynthesis but when the heat goes extremely unmanageable the crops could no longer tolerate the heat and will eventually die. It had been experienced by the late 90’s through an “EL NINO” and the worst could not be imagined. Plants and animals will have to adapt sudden climate change which could force them to jump from one habitat to another. Aquatic environment will be affected due to intense heat in the sea surface and the reefs will soon bleach and unless cooling effect reaches them, they will die. Sea animals will then move from one place to another and when the time comes that they could no longer find food, they will die as well. This would mean a great impact in the economic society. Economy does not purely revolve on money and industry, it also needs raw materials and these raw materials and food process for human requires help from the living environment. This makes other animals and plants potent to survival.
Economy and natural earth processes are suppose to be in equilibrium. This makes man work for alternative and non-synthetic processes. One great example is the use of Bio-fuel which is driven from long dead biological material. Bio-fuel has the added advantage of biosequestration of atmospheric CO2 and so assisting to remediate greenhouse gas and climate change problems. The need for alternative biological processes is a must for the human society. It will extend the percentage of survival of the people and the earth.
Global warming is inevitable, as it is said; it is a natural earth process. As a matter of fact Global warming has saved us temporarily from 100,000 years of Ice age. Where the earth is covered with thick Ice sheets and obliterated many forests all over the world. The processes that mankind will be taking is a great consideration that every continent must have. Or someday the worst could happen, as known to the systems of the earth there are sub-systems called the “spheres”, four of them are common: the Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere and the Atmosphere. But there is one sphere in the earth that is composed solely by ice sheets, the Cryosphere. If Global warming gets too intense which is predicted, this sphere will be greatly affected and could totally melt. Since the earth is composed of only one forth of its land surface, we could not imagine finding the earth surface after the melting.

Contributed by:
Marc Dadulo

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Opol Aviary and Mini Zoo - Misamis Oriental

At least 10 minutes drive from the city of Cagayan de Oro to Opol Aviary, Misamis Oriental. Inside the mini-zoo we have seen different kinds of native animals especially the native birds.