Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family Gatherings

My cousin has been living in the USA for more than 2 decades now and throughout those years she had not tried visiting Philippines again until early this year. Her thinking was to work and save for the family’s future while living in a foreign country. Living in the USA is very competitive and expensive if you are not striving hard. Everything is expensive that is why she and her husband has to work double time.

Early this year she and her family had the chance to visit the Philippines again. It was nice seeing her family again. We were having a reunion together with our relatives in a nice beach resort here in our place. I am her closest among the cousins. We exchange mails and calls ones in a while she was in the USA. She bought us chocolates, dresses, shoes and some cosmetics placed inside the nice tote bags. Giving us presents from the USA were great but her presence was the most among those material things which she gave to us.

Before they arrived here, I set everything up for the reunion. It was a short notice to others but they attended. I am the one who organizing the venue and food for the reunion. It was not that easy to make it realize especially that all of us are working and some were busy in school. I assigned one of my cousins to organize for the programs.

It was the most memorable part especially that our old folks will surely not live longer. It may not be the same reunion next time but truly we were glad to have it the most memorable event ever. I had to do my best planning for the program to make the event the most awaiting for all of us. The family’s reunion was very successful and memorable.