Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lifestyle Of A Stewardess

I am really admiring those women walking along the hallway in the airport wearing a nice and decent uniform bringing along with them their suitcases. Those in uniform women I am referring with are the stewardess. I really admire the way will they handle their selves in front of many people and carries themselves to be more respectable flight attendant. I couldn’t imagine how their work are more interesting for they will have the chance to travel in many places and encounter many people in different cultures every day.

I had a cousin who uses to work in an international airline for more than a decade now. She shared her experiences before that really catches my interest to be like her when I grew up. It was the moment that I dreamed to grow up fast and work as does someday. She was really enjoying her work so much. What I love the most about being a stewardess is the privilege to travel around the world especially when working in an international airline.

Aside from traveling to many places, stewardess can also receive great benefits with a high salary as well. My cousin Jen usually do some shopping to bring along with her from the place she has been to. She really enjoys the life of being a stewardess. There was one time in an international flight; she had to stay for more than twelve hours in a certain place before her next scheduled flight. It was the moment that she has an ample time to go out for shopping and strolling around the place.

 There was a nice shopping mall she found in the place. In that shopping mall, they were promoting to use any Eco friendly products and Eco friendly shopping bags or paper bags. As much as possible using any plastic base products or bags is being discouraged because of what effects it will bring into our environment. It was her great privileged to be in the place in where she was being dreamt of since she was still young.

She has also a privilege of free plane tickets every month and for her family to enjoy with. She had been able to go anywhere in Asia, Europe and United States. The usual thing she does in her destination place is exploring the food, place and does the usual shopping. She bought us something or some delicacies that are really famous in the place. This is one of the reasons why I really love to be like her as a stewardess. This kind of job she has right now is very exciting and interesting.