Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Expensive Bags

My wife and I agreed most of our decisions to be made must be agreed to both of us. Every plans and problems in the house must be shared within the family. Even with it regards to our finance, wife and I agreed things before buying or spending money. She used to make the budgeting for our food but on every major expenses, we will see things out that both of us will agree upon the expenses.

My wife and I do usually the buying of those inexpensive things but quality wise.  We do usually buy those things that are important to our daily lives and the most needed thing every day.  There are some of our friends that are having some financial problems because of their partners that are having some excessive shopping for personal things like shoes, bags, cosmetics and jewelries. 

Buying something for yourself is not bad as long as you have extra money to spend. Buying expensive shoes, bags and jewelries is not our lifestyle.  My wife’s cousin who uses to work as flight stewardess for a long time and she usually gave her gifts.   There was one time that she gave us expensive perfumes, shoes, accessories and some surprises inside the shopping bags.  My wife was very happy receiving those gifts for she knew that my wife would really appreciate what she gave.  

In our lives, we all have choices to make. Whatever lifestyle you may be choosing, it is good to live life to the fullest. Being happy and contented is a choice not a command. We prefer to live in a simple, happy and contented lifestyle.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Women nowadays even the younger ones are fond of shopping.  There are some that are suffering from shopaholic disorder and that the person really needs treatment to avoid from getting it worst. This could sometimes lead a person to commit a crime when there is no more money to spend for shopping. Some are being broke for over using their credit cards.

This is really a serious matter that needs attention. Attention in which a person must commit to change for better. Successive shopping without even looking at the possibilities of over dropping your finances may cause you a lot.  Women really love shopping from shoes, tote bags, jewelries and cosmetics.  Only few men that have this disorder unlike the women shop a lot. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bamboo Speaker

Last week, I saw in one of the TV shows about how can other people be more creative. They can create a piece of art using some indigenous or any natural products like bamboo as a tool of making into an art. I saw how a piece of bamboo trunk created into a phone speaker. This is absolutely natural products and very environmental friendly material which is trending in the market today.

It is a piece of art in which a person can produce into something more useful and environmental friendly.  You can see it very simple but very nice and handy.  A unique idea and creation of a person that opens the mind of many people how this simple bamboo turned out into something big.  Bamboo has been useful in many ways. It can be used as keyboard and any other musical instruments. It can also be seen in some fashion accessories and tote bags design.  Bamboo is one of the most useful tree in the world.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Natural Tool For Fashion

I really appreciate how a person looks more gorgeous on the choice of fashion she/he has in a special event. The event in which a person can glamorously showcase the choice of fashion she/he has. On the choice of dress and accessories, it is important that it will look good on you during the event. I have seen some are using natural products as a tool for making the fabric of the gown. You can see how talented and artistic people that can create a nice gown or borong using plants as a tool of fabric.

I have seen one person who created a gown out of pineapple leaves. It has been used by some famous international designer in Hollywood like Oliver Tolentino. This is a good example of how creative and talented a person can be. Turning plant which we think useless and making it into something as a tool of fabulous fabric for gowns. Another tool for fabric is Abaka which can also be used in gowns, accessories and hats. This fabric can also be used in bags or Enviro bags that are surely Eco friendly. I like the natural products which you can create as a tool for fashion.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Healthy Source of Energy

I really give credit to those who have made great achievements in life. I also admire those people who are sacrificing themselves to help other people without expecting in return. I salute those types of people whose heart are genuine in helping others. In other hand, some politicians are initiating to help others, but those deeds are in exchange to their popularity and recognitions to the society.

I have read some articles about some people sacrificing themselves, time, efforts and finances just to help others without expecting return. One of them is Edward Norton, who has done his part in sharing the low income family in Los Angeles by installing the solar panels. Solar panels are the best alternative source of energy in a household without worrying on monthly electric bill obligations. It can supply enough energy to a household’s energy needs.

Thanks to BP’s Solar Neighbors program much family benefit of this organization. On the other hand Robert Redford boarded members of group Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) putting a campaign against climate change and promoting solar panels since 1970s. It is good that we will support for greener living and environmental friendly products program they were initiating. Support the Eco friendly product, green bag or Enviro bags to help keep our environment healthy to live in with without using any plastic bags.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Last night, hubby and I were watching an informative movie where some reporters do some researches and gathering any actual situation of many individuals in a certain topic. The documentary episode of reporter’s notebook was another great topic. The show was very informative especially it took up more on the reality of how some low class people survive their livelihood in spite the fact of poverty.

The topic last night was so unacceptable practice done by some people. Irresponsible acts of some individuals can lead to destroy our environment. It was a topic that surely opens the eyes of the people involved and the viewers about how important to keep our environment clean.

The topic last night was a kind of taboo. The people in a certain community throw plastic with their faces into the ocean. Making the ocean as their bathroom and garbage landfill is a big issue wherein many ocean creatures will die. Sad to hear that even many places suffer with too much flooding still many are throwing their garbage into the ocean. It is good to have campaigned about the importance of saving our environment and to educate how important our part to make the campaign to be realized.

Check this out:


Have you tried of dreaming yourself to become famous all over the world someday? Gaining such name is not possible without achieving something that would help you become famous. You could be known in the field of sports, business or in entertainment. Obtaining such famous name needs a lot of effort, connections and publishing.

There are people who were born famous because of their family’s achievements.  But there are some who became famous because of their talent which they showcase through social media. One famous social media icon and a singer like Psy with his gangnam style song.  He achieves his fame because of his song gangnam style which he uploaded in Youtube.  Psy is one example of people who are not born famous but gained fame after people like his music and dance moves.

Everywhere they go paparazzi are following them to take pictures and know what their latest is. Reporters are not taking their eye off to celebrities just to find out something about the celebrity that can be used as a scoop of their news. Some are taking what the certain celebrity is wearing, their fashion style, the kind of tote bags they use while having some shopping.

This is the life of a celebrity.  A life they think that they don’t have the freedom to hide their personal whereabouts. A life without a freedom like a normal person and with that situation a celebrity sometimes wishes to have a normal life.  A normal life having no one following them and can go and do whatever they want.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cebu City's Pride

 Cebu City is one famous to its historical spots. Many tourists came to visit the historical spots found in the city and exploring the natural wonders of some scenic places as well. The city is expecting more tourists during summer because of its beautiful beaches but the most tourists came during Sinulog feast. The city will earn much because of the tourists that will visit the place.

There are many tourists’ spots which we can be proud of and the significance of the history in the place remains. One of these spots is the old Church of Basilica Minore Del Santo NiƱo and Magellan cross which can be found within the city of City. Magellan's Cross is a Christian cross which was planted by Portuguese, and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

Lapu-lapu Shrine in Mactan

Another Cebu City’s pride for the tourists is the Lapu Lapu shrine. This place is where Magellan died upon facing Datu Lapu Lapu. When visiting the place you can find Cebuano handmade products or souvenirs displayed which are created by the locals. There are some tourists bring some shopping bags and buy presents for their family back home.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Marian Rivera

I took this picture from Google image from last night's event.

I am a big fan of Marian Rivera. Marian is one of the most famous female artists in one of the big TV Network in the Philippines which is GMA 7. Just recently Marian received recognition as number one in the sexiest women in the Philippines which was conducted by a Magazine called FHM. GMA artist Marian received an award from one of the most famous male magazines in Philippines FHM.

Last night FHM held a special event that will showcase all the top 100 sexiest women in the Philippines. The said event is given the chance to advertise the sponsors to promote corporate products. I bet many enjoyed the event just like last year's event. Marian looks so gorgeous during her catwalk last night.

Role Model

Are you a sports fanatic? In what sports you are good at? For me, I used to play basketball and tennis with my younger brother. I am actually a big fan of Michael Jordan when I was at my high school years. He used to be the role model of my basketball enthusiast friends as well. I used to have one of the shoes Michael has endorsed. I could still remember that my dad had the shoes in the very high price. This is one of the best marketing strategies of the shoe company.

Looking for the right person to be the role model of a certain product is the best and the most effective way to promote a certain product. Companies are usually found those famous persons to carry the name of their brand or products. Just like Michael Jordan for Nike, Roger Federer for some tennis products. Some famous celebrities could also be hired to some promotional products through television to attract viewers. For getting a good role model to endorse the product, people will surely patronize for seeing their favorite artists that are using the product.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Environment Friendly Group

There are irregularly felt in our climate globally. It’s been years now since many died due to extreme flooding that devastated almost the entire city located in Northern Mindanao. And just this week we felt heavy rains almost every day. There are some places in Cebu City suffered flooding even in a light rain. This is one problem in which the government is looking for the solutions.

One problem seen that causes the flooding is the improper throwing garbage. Even the air we breathe is no longer fresh and healthy because of the pollution. Thanks to some people that created an organization that the advocate is to take care of our environment. Those earth’s friendly organizations like Earth First!, Greenpeace, and Co-Op America are kept reminding the people to preserve our environment.

The group also educates people to use nature friendly product from cosmetics to Enviro bags. They persuade people to use environment friendly shopping bags to lessen the used of plastic bags and hoping that many will respond to this movement. Let us keep our mother earth conducive to live in.

Online Fashion

I have seen lately even in a social media like Facebook, fashion is being top of the talks. There are many business enthusiasts that are selling any fashion collections through the social media. I admit that I am one of those who are up with the fashion especially the bags, shoes, accessories, gadgets and dresses. I am very busy at my work and I have no enough time to shop, so I prefer to do some online purchase.

Just last month, I saw some nice swimming wear attire for our pool party. I had a great idea on what to wear during the party, the swimming wear was a good inner wear to combine with a sexy plunging neck shirt and a shot together with  nice tote bags. It was the moment that we all have been waiting. The swimming wear must be purchased the soonest possible before it was being sold to others. During the event, my swimming attire looks perfectly at the concept of the event. I was really happy and enjoyed the whole time of the outings.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Best Company

Many students today aim to be the best in their school and to be able to work in a good company. Google has achieved its spot as one of the best company to work with. IT students are one of the course benefits a lot in this company. Almost their entire employees are IT students or any computer related course. The employee gets plenty of perks and benefits working at Google like food, leisure, sports and fun. Besides from that they also receive corporate products.

Product Exhibit

I am amazed every time our city has especial celebrations or during the Christmas season; many will come to big shopping malls to shop. One thing I have observed during those special mall events, there are some companies that are bringing their products within the premises which are provided to the companies that will display their products. The exhibit usually located nearby the entrance/exit of the mall. There are lots of different companies that are bringing their products in the mall to promote their products or even giving some promotional freebies to the shoppers. This is one way of promoting products to the market.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fashion Statement

People nowadays are fad of fashion especially with the girls. The best way to know people that are fad of fashion is through their fashion statement.  There are plenty of fashion statement like classy, reggae, casual and environmentalist.  Reggae fashion looks nice I love the way their fashion statement expressing their selves through fashion. 

Casual is also nice being simple, comfortable and cool to the eyes is two thumbs up already. I believe whatever fashion state you may have as long as you like it go with it. You can also be fashionable and be environmentally friendly too. You can support green movement through using environmentally friendly shopping bag and green bag.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Environment Problem

The rainy days are affecting many places especially in the Luzon area. The government has recently had many problems getting rid those informal settlers that are risking their lives living nearby the creek. It’s been years since the government keeps educating those informal settlers not to leave those danger sides especially when the rainy season comes. Aside from risking their lives, garbage is found all over the place for most people are not particular to the cleanliness. This is one reason why flooding is common to the place even if it is simple rain that comes.

There are many reasons why a flooding problem is vast in many cities in Luzon. The irresponsible acts of an individual are one that can be considered as the reasons. The improper disposal of garbage, living in an inappropriate place for living, cutting of trees and a lot more that we can consider the most cases of flooding globally. It has been the prerogative of the individual of not doing such contributor of destroying the environment but some still refuse to change for better result.

The Philippine government has been providing some relocation houses for those who were affected by the relocation especially the informal settlers. A good cause of the government is being turned down by some because of many reasons they consider like the livelihood in the new location is very hard or for some would probably too far from their workplace. These are just some of the reasons why people will never prosper because they don’t want to follow the rules and would never try something that would help them have as much comfortable and safer place to stay.

The usual lifestyle will be changed into something much healthier and decent lifestyle. This is the one way of the government of promoting a responsible living to avoid any environmental problems. Some of these people don’t even care to use Enviro bags to reduce the garbage plastic problem.