Friday, February 28, 2014

CEBu to Davao

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Abdominal pain and Constipated

Lately, I had felt something good when it comes to my bowel movement.  It has been 2 years since I had encountered an issue about irregular or dry bowel movement. And just earlier this week I had noticed some changes from my usual vowel movement. I have felt lately that my stomach is getting bloated and constipated.  

This is very disturbing to my part. I am always constipated and sometimes it will take days before I will move vowel. I could feel that my stomach is not functioning well even if I drink plenty of water or eat fruits and vegetables. I am afraid what will be happening to my internal organs especially my colon.  I had tried even some therapy to help my circulation or tummy digest my food properly.

I am thankful for the improvements of my bowel movement since early this week. Even though I'm still in the process, but I could say that there are changes.   I set myself to exercise regularly to burn fats and salt stored in my body.  Hoping all my effort will result in something good and that could help my toilet habit normal.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Natural Calamity

Now a day there has been changes to our climate.  Many countries around the world has been affected by these changes.  Global warming is one of the reasons where abnormality of nature has occurred. Deadly flash floods existed in every part of the world.  Storm surges have been an issue lately.  Philippines have been affected by this storm surge recently. 

 The province of Leyte, Philippines experiences the wrath of nature killing thousands of people.  Destroying 99 percent of house and building structure, anyone would be devastating for what happen in the province of Leyte.  The flood damage has given traumatic and unforgettable experience to all that survive.   

The attention of country around the world was surely taken from  this event in the Philippines.  Many big countries had offered help and donations to the Philippines; they are USA, Russia, Japan, UK, Australia etc.   It is nice to see the whole world united in helping one country.  According to the Philippine government it would take years before the Province of Leyte would recover with this flood damage. But many people have joined together to help cleaning up flood damage.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Moving Out

It has been two years now since we transferred from one place to another for good.  We never expect to transfer from Cebu City to Lapu Lapu City to acquire a house in one of a.  We tried to establish in the place as we took one step at a time. After a year of staying in the place, we had established friends and a small business. Everything goes well here in the place, but we had to give up everything soon again. Another venture came out to us in which this time we will settle and establish for good.

There are many things we consider why we had to come up of giving up the house again and pursue on transferring to Tagum City, Davao.  We figured out up to venture in this place as strategic place and growing city. As of this time, the place is fast growing for more businesses; malls and tourist spots are fast developing.
Now, we are busy processing the requirements for the house in Tagum City. We are also busy packing our things up and ready for the cargo shipping to transport our stuff to our destination.   Cleaning the house we are going to leave is another part of the preparation.  We need to make sure that before we trade the house, it is clean and presentable for the next owner.  We are hoping that everything will be smooth and go according to plan.  But we will surely miss the life we have in Lapu-Lapu City as we have stayed in this place for almost two years.  

Have many closest friends to remember, especially our neighbors.  I will surely miss my godson Dodong John Liam and his big sister Jhandee.  Life will go on. All we need is to pray for God guidance in our next stage of our life as he guide us through everything we do.