Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bucket List

“Bucket list” is a list of all the things you want to do or achieve in this life before you die. Every human should have one. It is motivational, really. It will help you do the best in your work to get a better pay and have more budget to complete the list, or you could have the cliché, “live the most of your life,” as the reason. Whatever is the reason, everyone should have one.

The list could be as long, and as crazy and as random as one would like it to be. It is your own list, after all. It can be everything your heart desires; doing what you love, seeing the places you’ve always dreamed to be or eating the most exotic dishes.

I, too, have a bucket list for myself. This list has three parts: places I want to go, crazy things I want to do, and dreams I really need to fulfill. My priority of these is the “dream.” Travel and adventures can wait, right? Still, I want to do all the things in my list.

In the “dreams I really need to fulfill,” building two houses is included; one for myself and one for my parents. The first I want to build would be my parents’. This house would not be big, just the right size that would be suitable to my parents’ reference. They don’t like massive houses, tough to clean they say. A small house they want but it should be filled the right amount of furniture they would need. I want to be the interior designer of this house myself. There would be a functional kitchen, everyone needs a functional kitchen or else what is its purpose? Serious now, I want them to have a cute little living room, but big enough to hold family gathering or even just lounging. There should be at least two bedrooms; the master’s bedroom should have a walk-in closet installed and their own bath. I would also want to insert a humble entertainment room for them. A good television set with equally good sound system. They could also have a patio blinds with sturdy outdoor furniture where they can relax and appreciate the garden they would have. I would give them a small, cozy home first, mine could wait.

In terms of traveling, this list could go on forever. I want to travel the world, visit exotic cities and learn new culture. The priority in this list is European tour. I want to visit France’s Paris, Monte Carlo and Cannes cities, Rome’s coliseum, Italy’s Pisa, Germany’s Berlin wall, Switzerland’s Alps, Spain’s Madrid, United Kingdom’s Stonehenge. There are more places in Europe I want to go but these are the must. The next continent I would visit would be Asia though this can go for a long run since the continent is quite big. And then I would go to Africa, then Australia, then South America, and then North America. If I can, I even want to go to the Antarctica!

The “crazy things” would be the adventure I’ll do in my travels; bungee jumping, air diving, cliff climbing, rappelling, and all those crazy adventures. As the saying goes: “you only live once” so we must do everything that makes us happy and fulfilled. We only got one shot in life to do all of it.