Saturday, March 29, 2014

Natural Calamities

One of the most traumatic experience that strike in a place is the natural calamity.  Its strike left many fatalities, homeless or trauma in which many people suffered in the long time. Losing someone you love and the place you are in with is devastated by the calamity really breaks your heart.  There are some loses their home or their things, invested for the long time.  This catastrophe could happen at any time and in any form of natural calamity.

Many people around the world have different experiences of extreme and most unforgettable experiences in which they could remember until they get old.   There are many kinds of natural calamities that you would not want to experience.  Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquake, and volcanic eruptions are among those natural calamities.   Storm surge is known because of a huge storm that causes the strong wind to  push sea into the land. 

Many could imagine sea water could rise higher than a two storey building very fast.  A good example of this was the one we had experienced in Tacloban, Leyte and to some part of the Philippine Island. The huge storm has devastated the land in which people were clueless about how huge the storm was capable of.
When a calamity strikes during the night, many dies because most people are sleeping and not aware of the condition outside. Just like had happen to Tacloban, Leyte, it has never been expected that the storm was that too strong enough to destroy the vast area of the country and left thousands of mortality.

Until now, many are still traumatic towards the situation.   Thousands died and still missing. Many survivors are still homeless and finding hard to cope up with the trauma. Many families  never know how to start life living not the same as before. Some that have partly damage to their houses are still fixing or cleaning the affected areas. Muds are hard to clean up, especially when it stuck up for a long time.  Cleaning the house that has damaged or flood stain is not easy to clean up and it needs lots of work to remove.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stomach Gas and Burp

My mother use to burp very loud and with continues of burps. We knew that this is not her normal burping situation before. Her doctor diagnosed it as heartburn or hyper acidity especially that she uses to eat food less and with improper diet.  Having an issue of eating habit is a big factor to stomach ulcer or hyper acidity.  She eats very little every meal without taking the proper nutrients from the food. She is very busy with her household chores, but less food she intake. We are worried to what possible health problem she might be suffering  with when she has a poor diet.

We observe that when she had a few massages done to her stomach will result to successive burping. Her action irritates another person who doesn’t know her condition, especially when she is in public places.  It is so embarrassing when you had successive burp.  We had gone to many doctor’s check up but still they could not tell what is the exact problem mother suffered. It is still a mystery where this kind of health problem came from. Ours might be more about psychological aspect or maybe hyper acidity and acid reflux are the reason where this kind of problem occurs. 

Acid is the main reason stomach could accumulate gas that provide a full feeling in the belly.   Some of this acid problem result to heart burn that affects many people today.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cleaning New Box Type House

Have you tried cleaning up different type of houses?  Have you found cleaning as a difficult task? As for me, cleaning the house has been a normal daily routine just like taking a bath which is part of your daily hygiene activities. Cleaning is a habit in which I used to do every day.

I remember when we transferred here in our house, there was no time for us to rest. After, the house was built, everything inside was in chaos. Dust, dirt and paint smudged were all over the place. We never expected that would be the scenario inside the house.

When cleaning new box type houses, do you think of the complete cleaning tools to make the job much easier?  It is really important to clean up the house before you move in. You may encounter lots of dust coming from the concrete. You must consider the house ready to live in with before you decide to transfer. 
It is hard to remove cement dust and the paint smell. You need time to rest for a while the whole house after the house constructed. I know how it was difficult to clean the house after the construction while you are inside. I will never have the same mistakes again.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Dodong

This is our god-son at his 5 months.  This is the usual feature of baby Liam when he is happy. He used to point his mouth like a duct. I love you baby Liam.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hiring the Right Person

     In our home construction experience, we have recently learned that you have to hire the proper person to install the plumbing task in your home.  To prevent back job in your kitchen construction.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Constipation with Hyper Acidty

One thing that I have observed that is very annoying when it comes to body condition is the constipation. It has been a problem when you suffer constipation. It always makes your stomach feel bloated and heavy.  I could see some of the elder people do suffer from constipation, especially that they have poor diets. Poor diet in the sense that people are eating less vegetables, fruits, less fluid and not even spend time to exercise.
One of the greatest problem about constipation is the poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why people are finding hard of disposing vowel. I have seen that people who usually eat vegetables, fruits, more liquids and proper exercise can help rid the constipation

I have seen that water could trigger stomach acids that would result to hyper acidity as well.   Having small or big health issues to elderly people is a very sensitive issue in which we should take actions to avoid the small problem become worse.   Elderly people have weaker body resistance in coping up pain and health problems. 

This is one thing I have seen that we must educate everyone to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right food and in the right time is very important. Enough rest, eating properly at the right time and exercise can help get rid stomach acids or any health issues. Prevention is better than cure.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Grandma Cleaning the house

I really admire what my grandmother had used to do to inside the house. She made herself busy doing some of the household chores as part of her daily exercise. She never let herself idle or nothing to do for the longest time because she felt weaker and easily get tired. This is one thing that most hardworking person feels when doing nothing the whole day. 

 She loves watering our plants, sweeping the floor and dusting the furnitures. Simple chores, but she is happy doing  it as part of her daily routine.  She loves to make herself busy always. This is one thing I really admire how she molded my mother and other siblings to become more responsible in life. I could see how my mother being molded to become like her.

 Some grandparents at their retiring age do prefer to take care of their grandchildren.  Some would prefer to enjoy life together and traveling around the world.  But for those who have close family ties, families do prefer living near their children's family to spend time with their kids and grandchildren more often. 

 It is really nice to enjoy life and getting old with your family nearby.   Some elders would have experienced common health issues like muscle pains and back pains, especially when cleaning the house.  Even though there are machines that can make cleaning bit easier, but some would prefer using manual cleaning.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Kitchen Sink Problem

It is really hard to live in an island in which metal things found in the house are susceptible to rust.  Most metals are getting weak in just months from the day installed. Like the PVC pipes found in our sink, the screw looses its hold after getting worn out in a matter of months because of the rust that destroys the screw metal object.

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