Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keeping a life

My cousin Nelly likes to see green plants anywhere she goes. She wants her house full of green plants that could help gives fresh air. Plants are not just a therapy to her but provide oxygen and beauty to her place as well. At her apartment, she used indoor planters and window box planters to customize her place because she only had a limited area. Having a limited area is not a big deal to her; especially that using a planter for plants is the big solution to this. Most of her planters are gifts from her mother when she decided to move out.

Early this year, her company assigned her to their other branch and promoted her as the manager. This time she needs to transfer to the company’s stuff house. When she was transferred to her new house, she left her plants to her mother. Her new place has plants and beautiful flowers already. Her boss knew how much she likes plants and that is why she bought her plants which placed inside the high end planters and decorative planters that can enhance more beauty to her new house.

Now, having a limited area on your place is not a big deal in which you cannot keep flowers and plants inside your house. Keeping a plant is like keeping a life in which you are treasuring with.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The heat of Summer Season

The heat of summer season has finally started. Every weekend, people in our place like to spend more time to beaches or springs to enjoy the beautiful weather. Have you ever thought of having a wonderful trip on this summer for your family? Spending much or less for your travel vacation is not important as long as you enjoy each moment you are in with, that is all what matters most.

My friend Mildred and her hubby just arrived from their one month Europe tour for their honeymoon. For the first time Mildred had experienced traveling abroad and this time with her husband. She had never seen such beautiful scenic places, historical, monument and old buildings same as here in our place. Everything she said was indescribable experienced. They had experienced also some lapses of their given itinerary upon arriving Germany which causes their hotel reservations canceled, but their agent resolved the problem immediately by looking for cheap Hotels in Munich. As they arrived here in our place, she never counted on the bad experienced they have had, instead, she treasured each moments during the tour.

This morning, my aunt is asking me some help to look for cheap hotels in Barcelona for their Spain trip with her husband this summer. My Aunt used to asks me help or ideas every year regarding on travel matters because of my knowledge and experience of traveling. After she retired from her profession as a teacher, she and her husband used to travel abroad every summer to relax, to keep the warmth of their love strong and to enjoy their remaining years together. I am so proud to see those old folks that will cherish their romantic moments.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Basamanggas Resort - Misamis Oriental

Basamanggas Resort -is situated at Kimaya, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental and 45 minutes to 1 hour drive from the city of Cagayan de Oro.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Choosing the right choice

Is your mailbox safe for your mails? Have you tried having your mails wet unnoticed with rain inside your mailbox? Or probably your pets rip your mails because you have a damage mailboxes?

Today, for those who are still using the conventional mailing process, the function of mail boxes are very important for their mails or documents. It is very important to ensure mails inside the mailing boxes upon receiving it or have at least durable and water resistant to avoid damages of your mails.

Last time when my father had a very sad experienced and almost lost a certain business just because of our broken mailbox. His important documents were sent for his business were all soaked with rain inside our mailbox. My father usually used it for a very long time for his business papers and documents, but that time our old mailbox was broken unnoticed. He was very hopeless while seeing his papers were all wet and turned out useless. A little damage of our mailbox had caused him so much and almost lost a certain transactions. It was an experienced that he never wanted it to happen again, so he decided to replace it with a wall mount mailbox. My dad chooses to get a high quality mailbox for his business and never used the same old one. Having a good quality of mailbox is the right choice, and very appropriate for your important papers or documents for safety.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Friend's 30th Birthday

Today is our friend's 30th birthday. Hubby and I baked her a cake as our present. A simple cake, yet created heartily for Agnes. Happy Happy birthday my friend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ash Wednesday

This week, the first Ash Wednesday is celebrated by the Catholic Christian as the beginning of the Season of Lent. The Ash Wednesday mark is a mark of ashes which is being placed on the forehead of adherents as the symbol of penance. In preparation of the Lenten season, adherents are observing repentance, abstinence and fasting, which can help develop their spiritual humility and sacrifices.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Month

February is the Love Month. People would celebrate Valentines Day on the 14th of February. People are busy buying flowers, chocolates, special gifts and etc. for their special someone to make that day very romantic, memorable and special. Some would set up a candlelit dinner for two in a restaurant to make their partner feel how they treasured their relationship.

For me, letting your partner know how you loved and treasured him is not seasonal. You can make everyday as a Valentines Day to your partner. Setting up a special dinner anytime and giving gifts to your partner at no season is very important to make your relationship healthy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Exchange Students

There are many things in which most students are having a hard time with. Students are usually bombarded with projects, assignments, exams, quizzes and etc. There are some who are having a hard time on understanding their lessons because of their language. This is what most students are using with the help of latest innovative technology of internet, which can able to translate words or even the whole web page.

One of my classmates is an exchange student from Korea. She is very friendly but very silent because she has having a hard time of understanding us for she only knew just a little of English. At first, she finds hard on adjusting her new environment but she never tries of giving up, instead she studied harder on both her lessons and English language. She wanted to develop her English in order for her to interact with others.

In our classroom, I am the only person who can understand and talk a little of Korean language. There are times when she asked me some translation of words in which she finds hard of understanding it. If we have projects or assignments, she will do some of her research through internet and usually used translators to translate the whole web page or words she wanted to read.

It is really my great privilege of having a new foreign friend. Now, we become closer in spite of our culture differences. Winning a friend is not basing on what you have had in common, but for understanding and loving each other is the most important.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chinese New Year of 2010

Chinese New year is the most important tradition to Chinese holidays. This year’s Chinese New Year falls on the 14th day of February which is Valentines Day. 2010 is the year of the Tiger, which is also known to its formal name Geng-Yin. The usual celebration of New Year is also been practiced by the Chinese during Chinese New Year. Families will have celebrate and have family gatherings, reunions and thanksgiving.

There are many ways people would celebrate New Years Day; but one thing is there in common, another year is added and people would face its different challenges in life. We are all be thankful regardless to what beliefs you are up with, whether you have all the best for this year or not. Start life in a positive approach and never look on failures behind. Life has no value if you do not start loving it.

Kiong Hee Huat Chay!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Very Proud Parents

Have you ever got tired of looking for the right auto repair shops for your car? Are you one of those busy people who don’t have time to fix their car’s mechanical problems?

This is one of my cousin’s frustrations when she had experienced a car problem and has no time to fix it. She and her husband are both busy at work and have no enough time to check or fix their cars. My cousin is a very busy career woman, a wife and a mother of 2 at the same time.

One morning when my cousin drove going to work in Dallas, she had encountered an unexpected problem on her brake. It was a little problem but still the risk was there. She was very scared especially driving on the freeway with a fast speed. That day was her greatest experienced when her life was near at stake. When she arrived at her work, she told her husband about the problem. Her husband then called for somebody who could fix the brake job. Their fear has finally ended when they found the Dallas auto repair shop, which took care on their car’s mechanical problems. The Dallas auto repair shop was immediately responded as they called for help and by that day on they never had the same problem or problems on their cars.

My cousin and her husband just bought their eldest son the latest model of Chevrolet Silverado as College graduation gift. It was the greatest gift of my nephew has he ever had on his entire life and it was given during his college graduation day. My cousin and her husband are very proud parents because of what their children’s achievements. Both of their children were striving so hard on their studies in spite of having busy parents.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Life with God

When you wake each morning, what do you usually expect for your life? Do you expect the goodness of God in your life or whatever may come will do? Have you not tried of setting yourself a tone for success, favor and blessing for your life that day? This early month of the year is not just the beginning of the New Year but also the beginning of another decade we are facing on. Last decade, you may have had some hardships and difficulties in life but now it is the right time set the tone for a new season.

There might things may be bad all around you, people would speak negative, complaining and discouraging against you but don’t let that rub off on you. The Scripture tells us that the darker it gets in the world the brighter it is going to be for God’s people. Start praising God and speaking words of faith over your future and be determined to set the tone for the new decade. As you do, God will do amazing things in every area of your life.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Trusting the Lord

Sometimes, we feel that it is easy to get discourage when things do not go on our way. Isn’t it? Maybe you are bombarded with many problems and you are not getting out of it as fast as you wanted. Or you are experiencing some challenges in life in which your health and relationships are involved. Remember that our God, who is supernatural, when we believe all things become possible on Him.

The first thing we should do is not going to quit on trying to figure everything out. Remember, if it looks like there are no ways in the natural, trust God to make the way then. He will do whatever it may take to guide and lead us in the path of victory that He has prepared for us.

Thank you Lord for the victory in every challenge we may encounter in life. We trust that with You all things are possible. We will take my eyes off on every circumstance and we choose to put our trust and hope in You. We will praise and thank you always for Your faithfulness in spite of our weaknesses.

An egg with hotdog and cheese

Salt and Pepper

This morning I made an egg with hotdog and cheese. I wasn't able to sleep well last night and I was thinking of preparing myself a good breakfast then.