Monday, March 17, 2014

Constipation with Hyper Acidty

One thing that I have observed that is very annoying when it comes to body condition is the constipation. It has been a problem when you suffer constipation. It always makes your stomach feel bloated and heavy.  I could see some of the elder people do suffer from constipation, especially that they have poor diets. Poor diet in the sense that people are eating less vegetables, fruits, less fluid and not even spend time to exercise.
One of the greatest problem about constipation is the poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why people are finding hard of disposing vowel. I have seen that people who usually eat vegetables, fruits, more liquids and proper exercise can help rid the constipation

I have seen that water could trigger stomach acids that would result to hyper acidity as well.   Having small or big health issues to elderly people is a very sensitive issue in which we should take actions to avoid the small problem become worse.   Elderly people have weaker body resistance in coping up pain and health problems. 

This is one thing I have seen that we must educate everyone to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right food and in the right time is very important. Enough rest, eating properly at the right time and exercise can help get rid stomach acids or any health issues. Prevention is better than cure.