Saturday, March 1, 2014

Back Ache

These past days, my wife and I were busy working. We were very focused on our work and we have not noticed that we both stayed much longer sitting on down in front of the computer without stretching. The longest time of sitting the more we feel the pain from our back. It is really important the proper circulation of our blood to flow over our body. It can only give body pain.   

 We can't prevent back pain to manifest as the result of prolonged sitting.  My wife did not enjoy our days off because of the pain she felt at her back. She rested for the whole day instead of enjoying with us at the park. I think we really need to work out and do the proper way of stretching for the proper blood circulation. Human as we are, our body also needs the proper rest.

Too much pressure and stress our body will suffer from any pain. It is not advisable for us not to have a proper chair and computer table for us especially that we are working more that 10 hours a day. I have been giving my wife a foot reflexology to ease the back pain she has been complaining for days already.  
My wife has been diagnosed with her severe slip disc five years ago.  She was supposed to undergo with a major operation for her spinal but we did not gamble for the surgery. The result of the surgery was for her not to walk again. She has to maintain foot reflexology for her fast recovery.   After a month of foot reflexology and massage therapy she finally recovered from chronic back pain. We were so happy that she then recovered from the back pain without having gone with surgery.  Thanks to a foot reflexology.