Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stomach Gas and Burp

My mother use to burp very loud and with continues of burps. We knew that this is not her normal burping situation before. Her doctor diagnosed it as heartburn or hyper acidity especially that she uses to eat food less and with improper diet.  Having an issue of eating habit is a big factor to stomach ulcer or hyper acidity.  She eats very little every meal without taking the proper nutrients from the food. She is very busy with her household chores, but less food she intake. We are worried to what possible health problem she might be suffering  with when she has a poor diet.

We observe that when she had a few massages done to her stomach will result to successive burping. Her action irritates another person who doesn’t know her condition, especially when she is in public places.  It is so embarrassing when you had successive burp.  We had gone to many doctor’s check up but still they could not tell what is the exact problem mother suffered. It is still a mystery where this kind of health problem came from. Ours might be more about psychological aspect or maybe hyper acidity and acid reflux are the reason where this kind of problem occurs. 

Acid is the main reason stomach could accumulate gas that provide a full feeling in the belly.   Some of this acid problem result to heart burn that affects many people today.