Saturday, March 29, 2014

Natural Calamities

One of the most traumatic experience that strike in a place is the natural calamity.  Its strike left many fatalities, homeless or trauma in which many people suffered in the long time. Losing someone you love and the place you are in with is devastated by the calamity really breaks your heart.  There are some loses their home or their things, invested for the long time.  This catastrophe could happen at any time and in any form of natural calamity.

Many people around the world have different experiences of extreme and most unforgettable experiences in which they could remember until they get old.   There are many kinds of natural calamities that you would not want to experience.  Tornado, Hurricane, Earthquake, and volcanic eruptions are among those natural calamities.   Storm surge is known because of a huge storm that causes the strong wind to  push sea into the land. 

Many could imagine sea water could rise higher than a two storey building very fast.  A good example of this was the one we had experienced in Tacloban, Leyte and to some part of the Philippine Island. The huge storm has devastated the land in which people were clueless about how huge the storm was capable of.
When a calamity strikes during the night, many dies because most people are sleeping and not aware of the condition outside. Just like had happen to Tacloban, Leyte, it has never been expected that the storm was that too strong enough to destroy the vast area of the country and left thousands of mortality.

Until now, many are still traumatic towards the situation.   Thousands died and still missing. Many survivors are still homeless and finding hard to cope up with the trauma. Many families  never know how to start life living not the same as before. Some that have partly damage to their houses are still fixing or cleaning the affected areas. Muds are hard to clean up, especially when it stuck up for a long time.  Cleaning the house that has damaged or flood stain is not easy to clean up and it needs lots of work to remove.