Saturday, March 8, 2014

Repainting and Cleaning

It has been two years now since we have not done any renovations or repainting in the house especially my kitchen area. I feel so boring on the same color and design of my kitchen every day. Everything in the house was fixed on the constructor’s building designs. We bought the house in the subdivision with the same designs and colors. It finds me boring having the same design with others. Some were immediately renovated their house before moving in but for us it took to us years to decide considering that we need money for the renovation to be done.

 So, recently wife and I agreed to create the kitchen looks new again. Creating our place different than the others is very challenging, especially that the materials are expensive. The idea was great, but of course we must be ready financially as well. 

My wife and I have already done the renovation planning for almost a week. We both agreed on what color to paint and the renovations to make for our kitchen area. And this time I make sure to supervise the repainting and the work to be done inside the house.   Then we start by repainting some part of the house just early today to avoid delay from our plan. We started repainting the area in which no renovations to be done just the repainting job only. 

Yesterday, I went to hardware until I purchased all the materials needed for today. I bought some concrete paints to make sure that we will immediately start the repainting on time. Repainting the house is the best way that we can have ample time to each other and have a bonding time for such activity for the whole family.  It is very rewarding to see that all of my family members are enjoying the repainting the wall.  It is important to have complete tools  and material for when painting before you start the work.