Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kidney or Colon?

As what I have observed, many of our local artists are up with a healthy lifestyle.  As a role model to public, they choose to live healthy despite of their busy schedules. People could see how those celebrities diligently monitor their food intake and exercise as much as they can to avoid from getting sick. 

I have observed recently from the news, many are suffering from kidney problems. Even kids are not exempted to kidney problem, it is probably because of their unhealthy lifestyle. Kidney problem is very common to everybody, but only few who has knowledge on how to avoid from suffering it. When my cousin died from kidney failure, it was then we realized that anyone can suffer the same when you are not careful about your health. 

Many died because of their unhealthy lifestyle. It can affect to all walks of lives at all ages.   Unhealthy diet is the number one reason for people to suffer any health issues.  One thing which is common for people to suffer nowadays is the Colon problem. This colon problem has been known to the public since many well-known personalities died because of this health problem.

Many people today have a poor diet, which leads to bathroom habit issue.  We are also dependent to many dairy products which affects the human colon and bowel movement.    Colon cancer  has been affecting people around the world.  And to some who had early detection of colon cancer gone to many treatments to stop the cancer spread. Stage four cancers are difficult to treat compared to early stages.   Thanks to technology colonic irrigation is available nowadays.