Sunday, March 16, 2014

Grandma Cleaning the house

I really admire what my grandmother had used to do to inside the house. She made herself busy doing some of the household chores as part of her daily exercise. She never let herself idle or nothing to do for the longest time because she felt weaker and easily get tired. This is one thing that most hardworking person feels when doing nothing the whole day. 

 She loves watering our plants, sweeping the floor and dusting the furnitures. Simple chores, but she is happy doing  it as part of her daily routine.  She loves to make herself busy always. This is one thing I really admire how she molded my mother and other siblings to become more responsible in life. I could see how my mother being molded to become like her.

 Some grandparents at their retiring age do prefer to take care of their grandchildren.  Some would prefer to enjoy life together and traveling around the world.  But for those who have close family ties, families do prefer living near their children's family to spend time with their kids and grandchildren more often. 

 It is really nice to enjoy life and getting old with your family nearby.   Some elders would have experienced common health issues like muscle pains and back pains, especially when cleaning the house.  Even though there are machines that can make cleaning bit easier, but some would prefer using manual cleaning.