Monday, March 24, 2014

Cleaning New Box Type House

Have you tried cleaning up different type of houses?  Have you found cleaning as a difficult task? As for me, cleaning the house has been a normal daily routine just like taking a bath which is part of your daily hygiene activities. Cleaning is a habit in which I used to do every day.

I remember when we transferred here in our house, there was no time for us to rest. After, the house was built, everything inside was in chaos. Dust, dirt and paint smudged were all over the place. We never expected that would be the scenario inside the house.

When cleaning new box type houses, do you think of the complete cleaning tools to make the job much easier?  It is really important to clean up the house before you move in. You may encounter lots of dust coming from the concrete. You must consider the house ready to live in with before you decide to transfer. 
It is hard to remove cement dust and the paint smell. You need time to rest for a while the whole house after the house constructed. I know how it was difficult to clean the house after the construction while you are inside. I will never have the same mistakes again.