Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Week to Remember

This week our town has been damaged by a strong typhoon that lasted for more than 5 days. Finally, this afternoon the sun came out to dried up the flooded areas. Many places have experienced landslides; some lost their houses and even their love ones. All flights were canceled; schools, offices and other establishments had suspended their regular operations due to the flash flood. The flood left us many problems; our electricity, drainage and water system was also been destroyed.

Today is our first day back in school since classes was suspended last Monday because of the typhoon. Many students fail to attend from their classes because their school materials were still wet and some lost everything they got for school due to flood. This morning, I am one of those who came to school with complete books and school materials. Before the typhoon had started, I left my things inside my school locker to secure it from getting wet by rain or flood along my way home. Most of the students had experienced tremendous tragedy; by then the school president requires each students to have their school lockers for their convenience and to lessen the possibilities of loosing their things again during this natural calamity.

Our teachers in Business Math also reported that she just lost her school records and personal papers when her car washed out by the flood last Tuesday night. She was thinking of having her things safer inside her car rather than using her own locker. Most of our staff in the faculty forgets the importance of having their lockers for their school papers. Through a single negligence she made causes her so much work.

One of the highlights in our school for this month is the final game for the Inter school Basketball leagues this coming Saturday which will be held in our opponent’s place. Our school is representing our town to fight for the best against the current Champion. We are so blessed that all of our players, even those who were affected by the typhoon, had saved their uniforms and left it inside their gym lockers. One of my neighbors, who use to be the team captain, saved his uniform when he forgot to bring it home and left it inside his gym locker. He was lucky when the typhoon came and everything in their house got wet, useless and destroyed. Nothing was left to him but his dry dirty basketball uniform inside his gym locker.