Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Cousin Trip to Hollywood

My cousin Trish is a flight attendant in a big company in the US and she had been working for almost ten years. She is always busy traveling from one place to another almost staying in a hotel around US the whole week. Even in holidays she is so busy because this is the vacation time or vacation leave of people around US. That’s what makes her life so busy. But when she has time for vacation it is a full one month holiday vacations that makes it great. Last year when Trish had time for vacation she travels with her family in a Caribbean cruise for a whole month.

While next year my cousin Trish told me she’s planning to go to Hollywood. Trish heard about her fellow flight attendant who received a free Hollywood bowl tickets from a friend. The ticket is categorized by two entertainment and sports events. Aside from Hollywood bowl ticket there are two more ticket category that is available; Jeff Dunham tickets and a steady rain tickets. Jeff Dunham is a famous American stand-up comedian that has been seen on some famous television shows. While a steady rain tickets is for people who love watching on theater whether it’s a concert, classical, pop or Broadway. Trish is looking forward to have a good experience in her Hollywood vacation and I’m also looking forward to hear stories about her trip.