Thursday, November 12, 2009

To the Huslte!

“The best way to protect the integrity of information is to have full comprehension on it”

Today’s society requires more efficiency and to survive competitive areas in different fields research is a frontline for information success. This day is a hustle day. One of my professors assigned me to do a research about a certain subject which is written in an unusual language and explain its significance in the society where I live. I turned over to different books, encyclopedias, search the web and other software and it gave me a lot of hustle. Never of those books and software gave me a satisfactory answer since the word itself was not recognized by English software, neither that it was translated comprehensively. I had comprehensions on other languages but this language spells a great difference on the things I already knew. I searched and searched the web until I found how to find a way for online translation. The name given as one of the founders is a semi-Korean which need name translation. The name was semi Korean and it had given me hard time spelling his works since I don’t even recognize his name. I had a hard time fulfilling the subject until I had full comprehension on his works written on English and their history.

Brand translation was also part of the assigned tasks given to me. The economic field had given the entrepreneurs their life and imitations had threatened the integrity of their business. We cannot imagine the population of the people and the countries living in an industrialized business society. One cannot be sure that the brand of the shoes, the shirt and the jeans which he is wearing is original, sometimes written on their on languages; the name could only be an imitation. My business management professor also gave me the task how to do business card translation in a safe way. I had again searched the web and look for the most possible answer and gained information that one vital part of translating business cards into languages especially on international transactions is the place and the market value that needs to be considered for the prosperity of the business. Comprehensive translation must be observed in order to maintain the integrity of the business card and maintain the contents as it is sent in the sender’s language. In the long run, the day had become more of a day of information. It is hard to be trusted by your professor, your tasks are doubled but so as your knowledge.