Friday, November 27, 2009

A Dedication to Duty

Have you heard about Medical Teaching Course? Have you tried stressing yourself looking for the best training center for your teaching course? Yes! You heard me right, stressing yourself for your teaching course.

My sister-in-law is one of the respected resident doctors in one of our local hospital. She is not only known for her charity works; but also for her dedication and sincerity upon serving people who needs her medical attention. She never stops aiming for something good on helping others.

So last year she took the opportunity which the government had offered to all eligible doctors . Those doctors who are willing to teach and at the same time enhancing their knowledge by taking the doctors teaching course. Her passion is to help others not only those who are sick but also those aspiring doctors who need her teaching abilities.

Having the profession of a doctor and teacher at the same time is not a hindrance on her full pledge to help others. Instead, it gives her fulfillment in life and happiness while seeing others contented on the help she extended. Learning in medicine is a fast growing field. So early this year after taking the doctors teaching course, she aspire to share what she had learned and teach the teachers course to her fellow doctors.