Friday, November 20, 2009

Oprah Winfrey ending talk show in 2011

One of the most popular figure in the world history is now about to end her talk show career in 2011 according to the news this morning. Oprah Winfrey had gone too long on her career. The show as made known to the commercial world, had traveled lives and made a breakthrough on the entertainment field for about 25 years now. Perhaps, this is the terminal of her services to the public. She might have some too far in her talks at times, but what made history is her good remarkable deeds while on TV and not the over lapses that had clouded her career for some few part of the past years. This is one top story again to be look after. The crowd could expect that this woman will probably part as a nominee for the woman of the year.


Anonymous said...

it will be interesting to see if she preserves her power/influence as she makes the transition from heading up a show to heading up an entire network