Thursday, November 19, 2009

Travel Around

Our family love to travel, explore and enjoy the beauty of nature around. And because we are a big family we need a large vehicle in order to accommodate and bring everyone to a family trip. A car is a very important mode for transportation. It is comfortable and offers the assurance of a smooth travel. In the past, we travel long distances three times a week. It made the family car overused and the tire tread get even with the tread depth. Because of this we were forced to buy new tires due to our successive travels and because we have no other choice for a safety travel mode.
Our family driver has been driving for twelve years I think. I believe he is a real professional when it comes to first class automobiles, automatic cars, four wheel drives, and to the sixteen wheeler trucks you name it! He knows how to drive it. He is also the first person who taught me how to drive. I know how to drive but only a small car as I’m not good on that so called clearance thing when driving a big family car. Dodo is the name of our driver, and he also taught me about the break fluid, break, and turning around, high beam, low beam, filling water on radiator and how to buy tires. He told me that Goodyear tires are the ones I should choose when replacing my old car tire. Learning these few things about the car is really helpful for me. I’ve tried a long distance trip for around 70 kilometers but my car never makes it due to its condition. It was there I realize that automobile tune up is really very important.