Friday, November 13, 2009

Saving what Saves the Day

“When everything goes short, there’s Credit”
In a department store last week, I purchased grocery items good for one week consumption. I actually do that usually but that was the first time that I failed to purchase what defines the necessity in my household. That means that my cash wasn’t that sufficient so I have to depend on my credit card. On the contrary however, my access was denied and revealed a bad credit. Well that was my first time, but at least not in the grocery, its part of my necessity, not my luxuries. The point is, if my credit should fail me, I should suppose giving consideration to a credit repair. My credit report reveals a typical error exhausting my credit line disallowing me for another credit transaction. That should be a nightmare; I need it on my emergency moments.
The second day after the bad credit report, it had come unto my mind unfreezing these transactions. It’s like troubleshooting a computer system; I need to repair the source of my routine since I don’t usually bring lots of bills with me. I can’t assure safe transactions with malfunctioning credit lines. The best thing that I had experienced on credit usage is the all out “saved by the bell” easy to use card; this is where credit lines define their purpose. But the saddest thing is that after my appeal of repairing my credit line, it took me several weeks before recovering my transactions again. On the second thought, I still believe that the need to fix credit plays a great role of pursuing pending duties. In the long run, though my credit repair thing got a little loose out of slow response, I still got the title for emergency savings the next few days. On a shopping with my friends, as soon as the repair was done, I have purchased the items my friends want me to. It feels like this is part of the lessons to be learned and the after thought of relying on credit lines? Still got to change and get planned for fix credit.