Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Embarrassing Moment

I am a social person and socializing is part of my pleasure life. It is a magnificent experience to enjoy socialization especially on formal ones. One of the moments that I regret having been part of my embarrassing moments is the inconvenience that my fellow classmates felt during my birth day party. It was resulted by just one bottle opener which had ruined my night that day. When I was about to open the Champagne, the corkscrew was not that sharp to push downward which resulted the screw to slip and broke the bottle and the wine spilled over my gown. Just thankful that at least I wasn’t badly wounded. But I wouldn’t wait until I’ll be.

That evening became the talk of the town and I felt so embarrassed. On a visit in my cousin’s house, as usual opening a Champagne is part of the hospitality; I had observed a durable wine opener that she used to open the bottle with convenience. I can’t help but ask her “What is that couz?” she replied “It’s a rogar estate wine opener, we use this in our club, its easy to use and so far, we have not experienced malfunctions yet so stick unto it”. I was interested when heard it (considering that I have an experience from wine openers) so I inquired and heard something about rogar wine openers. I recommended this to my families and they themselves have experienced great convenience using rogar wine openers. Now, they are using two varieties of this kind, the Estate wine opener and the champion wine opener which they have benefited by such great usage in business. I have used it myself and these openers do have really sharp corkscrews which makes wine opening comfortable. I am saying this because it had saved me during my “despedida” party in a five-star hotel, my visitors felt convenience and the party was a success. I just smiled when one of my visitors expressed a joke “Is rogar for sale?” Finally, I had a feeling of ease giving my visitors a nice party in return to what happened on my birth day. Still the best way that I can say, my parties still doesn’t suck. I can’t let an occasion end up in a bloody mess like broken bottle injuries. I still can’t let that happen to my relatives. Still this ends up with my success. Next destination for my party shall be greater than I should have.