Friday, November 13, 2009

My Friends Perfect Family Getaway!

I was just sitting on the sofa watching my favorite TV show in my living room when my phone rang. It was one of my friends, and she told me about the tour which lately she had invited me to come over. In our conversation, I could hear the sound of the ocean waves and the chattering sounds of birds. But there is one thing that I was wondering about; every time my friend call me, her children would always be there to make their noises and ask something from their mother, and that was the first time that I didn’t hear them horsing around. While she was on her story with me on the phone, I couldn’t help but interrupt and ask “where are the kids? Did you not bring them with you?” “They are with me and in fact, they are very much enjoying this trip”. I paused for a while and wondered, “The brats enjoying without disturbing their agree-all-the-time mom? Must be really a good place to satisfy those kids”. She describes the place as a small paradise. The air was fresh and the view was magnificent; “This is perfect place for reflection, for me and my husband”. They were in the middle of a mild conflict which had resulted the slight coldness of relationship. Then I asked her for their exact location. She said that they where in the Myrtle Beach Resort and they where going to stay there for one month since there are available comfortable condominiums to stay with. This is her purpose of the getaway, to have their time as a family and escape the stress of the city.

So much with the couple thing, that night after their conversation, she called me again and told me how amazing the pools and the beach are. That night, I was annoyed by the series of calls she gave me, she was like a reporter giving me every detail of her trip, but I know I couldn’t be mad, she’s a good friend. So after her call, I was thinking about it all night. Early morning, my mobile phone was first to rung than my alarm clock. It was my friend again, sharing to me the perfect view of crystal ocean water and the white sand which she and her husband were walking. She was very happy to sharing their peaceful reconciliation and that she added it unto her diary that Oceanfront Myrtle Beach resort was the place where she find first peaceful reconciliation. I bet she’s overwhelmed by happiness so I grabbed the opportunity I asked her about the availability of her offer and good God that she affirmed that I could still come over (though my role as peace negotiator has expired). Next week shall be the schedule of my flight. At least I still have 1 week for free accommodation and condo with them. Now I could experience her excitements too. I believe that Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts could offer me the services that I am expecting. This one could be a start of finding the perfect place for me.