Friday, November 20, 2009

My Friend’s Miracle?

Television is one great source of entertainment and learning. It is the easiest way to get general information and enjoy with the family in times. There are different ways of getting into the bottom line of enjoyment and learning in televisions; and the best way is to have sufficient channels to choose with.

I am a cable subscriber and I enjoy watching movies and getting information especially on educational channels. For me TV is still learning though sometimes it could be just for leisure. I was visited my friend in his house last day and I caught him watching TV. It was not hilarious until I remembered him mocking me at my being TV addict. Well, as I see it I think his about to reach 4 hours as his housemaid reported, isn’t that not being a TV addict? I should have not reacted but considering that, a nerd-friend like him prohibiting me on TV is much more like a boss telling to improve an employees work, the only difference is that he would probably tell me about improving my life. I was very much curious how a man like him would soak himself in TV. So, wearing a big grin, I sat with him and watch TV as well. I asked him smiling “What are you watching?” Then he guiltily replied, “Oh, it’s not what you think, this one is good”. I continued watching and until I get focused to the TV on teasing him, I found myself entertained. It is a channel which I did not have in my TV. I asked him “what is your cable connection?” “It’s Directv. Not your regular cable”. He was smiling at me presuming that I really don’t have what he does and actually I was jealous. “Direct TV?” I was really curious what in the earth that is. It was my first time to witness my friend soaking himself on TV.

The main point that I am about to discover is what is with this DirectTV that my friend, who is a nerd was even dragged into watching TV. In as much as finding an example, I happen to watch a great travel channel in his TV when I visited him again. Whatever it is I am still about to discover.