Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Sports Football

My best friend Michael who is living in United Kingdom for almost ten years now and since then we seldom talk. And last night after many years of no communication, he finally calls up and we have been talking about the life he has been up to lately in UK. He was a sports fanatic even since before he left the country and until now sports is one of his best especially football which is famous in Europe. He told me that he loves watching European football teams playing and his favorite team is from Spain Real Madrid. I was so amused on how he relates about his experiences and even when he is at work he find ways from being updated on livescore through calling a friend or by online mobile.

He told me that Real Madrid team is one of the best team around Europe and recognize by FIFA. This sport’s football is very famous in Europe were supporters around the globe will travel just to watch and support their own national team, who is playing in the world competition life FIFA World Cup, U20 World Cup, UEFA Champions League and many more.

Michael told me that even he was so busy at work last week; he still manages himself to be updated at the football livescore and have his bookmakers online. With the help of this online site he has nothing to worry about on latest game schedule, scores, bookmakers and even the result on every match played in World Cup Football or FIFA World Cup. Thanks to my friend Michael for sharing me about his latest update and even about the famous football in Europe.