Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Shopping With Family

A friend of mine is an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) for 2 years in Singapore. She arrived early this month to visit her family for 2 weeks. She sacrificed so much for her family. She is the oldest among the siblings. She took the responsibilities of becoming the bread winner since her father got sick after her mother’s death. She let her other siblings finished College. Working as an OFW for 6 years is a big sacrifice on her part but she did the right thing to give her family good lives.

Overseas contract workers are sacrificing a lot just to work hard in abroad, to give their family a life that they could never have just worked here in our place. When OFW is coming home, they usually bring many gifts (pasalubong) for their family. There are some who would prefer to buy gifts for their love ones to the mall near their place. Many are saving money abroad for their family to have a shopping spree. This is another time to make their family happy when bringing plenty of shopping bags as gifts. This is what my friend felt when she visited her family. A way of thanksgiving or 2 of her siblings graduated just this march.