Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Retro Fashion

I love unique fashion in which I may look different than the usual me. My friends and I are fond of buying accessories and bags for our fashion attire. We usually have uniform accessories and bags to look more attractive wherever we go. Retro style bags make a good alternative to ‘green’ bags which we usually use. It is much more costly than the ordinary bags but the style never gets old.

Calico bags are one good option for retro fashion statement. I have seen many students who were using calico bags during my college years. Calico bags already exist in student’s fashion especially the architect and engineering students that were fond of wearing this kind of bag. When I was transferred to another school, calico bags were still fad to fine arts students where they love reggae calico bags.The Bob Marley song was famous that time and almost all student used reggae attire from head bonnet to shirts to pants. Even in today’s generation calico bags style is really famous and you can find it in at any college school