Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Company perks

In college for today’s generation, it is trend to take up information technology or any computer related courses. There are lots of companies that are open for hiring of any computer literate employees. Making good in school is very important aim for the students to get a better job in a prestigious company here in our place. There are some who are aiming to work with big companies like Google Company. One of a friend who used to be a graphic artist shared with me his success. He never expects working at Pixar for a year now. He is a proud man as he has been part of the company and shared his knowledge. He shared many things to us on how the company really gave them the appropriate benefits they deserved.

I have one in mind that has plenty of perks in which I myself dreaming about to be parted with, and that is Google. Google Company is giving the best perks you can find in the world. Google is the best for its services, benefits and bonuses. After sharing how the company gave all its benefits, IT people all over the globe is aiming to be part of that big company. I have read in a magazine about how Google manages the company to have the best of its benefits to their employees. One of my favorite benefits in Google is the spa, food, games and sports zone. Google doesn’t need their corporate products to be advertised because the company is already famous. With good salary and with all those perks it is truly amazing to be part of the company.