Thursday, June 13, 2013

Corporate Gifts

My father used to work in a coffee dealer company for almost 40 years. My father was started working in the company before I was born. I could still remember how he smells coffee from his work. When I was a little, I could still remember how he used to share his knowledge about the good quality of coffee and even the ratio of coffee beans to mix into something coffee mix.

As I grow up, I am not lucky enough to be able to know or pass on the knowledge he has when he was still working in coffee company. My father was the top salesman among his fellow workers. He used to receive awards for being the top seller of the month. He usually receives big bonuses and corporate gifts as his rewards for being the top. One of the best bonuses my father received was 9 pieces of tool Swiss knife with company name on it. Giving gifts is the best way for a company to promote their corporate products as well.