Friday, June 21, 2013

Building Construction

Since I got married, the first thing my wife and I have in mind was having a house before anything else. Having a house is very important. We had prayed about the project last year. And we did, we thank God that our target project of having the property was finally granted in the same year. In buying a property requires many requirements. As a buyer, one must qualify to obtain the property. From personal documents to financial related documents that will help proves that we qualify.

On my part, it was a mixed emotion while preparing many documents because the fear of failing on the initial screening was there. But everything turned out well. After the screening I was told to attend a seminar and meetings for some orientation about the housing system and some policies. I must have this certificate of attendance to prove that I already attended the orientations before I can proceed to the next step of processing the requirements. Planning to get a property is not easy especially that I didn’t pay anyone to process on my behalf.

Building inspections are one of the requirements in which the building engineers require before moving into the house. I have to set my time to inspect also my house to see if there are damages inside before we will move in. There are many houses that the materials of the constructions are substandard. This is the reason why building inspections are so important before moving in. Cracks, electrical, drainage and water system have the usual problem.